Nemesis Enforcer (2014 Kre-O)

Nemesis Enforcer is a character whose figures haven’t seemed to quite capture the menace conveyed in his appearance in the animated GI Joe movie. The character was a hulking brute, possessed of incredible strength, and his look was one of the coolest of Cobra-La’s weird denizens. The original action figure was detailed, and included the unique wing and tentacle accessories to match his appearance, but the limitations of a common buck meant that he was pretty much the same size as the other figures.


The 25th Anniversary version fared better in regards to scale, but for me it still lacked something that would have made me truly enjoy it. where the Kre-O version comes in. Again, the scale can’t be changed to make the figure tower over others (unless you add some single stud bricks to his feet to act as lifts) but the addition of the huge wings adds to his intimidation factor. For me, the printing and color are what make the figure a standout. There’s more detail than what we usually see with the Joe minifigure, and the scaly patterns of his design haven’t been simplified too much. The facial detailing is some of the most intricate in the line, and overall this figure turns out to be one of the highlights of the series. That’s right, a Cobra-La character makes for a great figure. It’s about time.



  • James From Miami

    I’m sure that they could have made the legs of this figure a little bit longer, if they really had wanted to. They obviously wanted to save some money instead. Shame on them for that. They will never learn from their past mistakes, because they just don’t care about their loyal fans. By the way, this figure looks like a midget. The upper body looks way too big for the legs. This reminds me exactly of the same problem with the original 87 Nemesis Enforcer. I have always wonder if the people that were making G.I. Joe The Movie back then, had seen the prototype of that figure, to see if it was the same height of the others, or not. And if so, who’s idea was it to make Nemesis Enforcer so freaking tall in the movie. And also, they could have made that figure the same scale of the Visionaries figures, which also came out in 87. And in 88, there was the C.O.P.S. figures, which I believe, are the same scale of the Visionaries. They could have created an extra Visionaries scale mold for this character back in 86. The 25th Anniversary figure, just looks too thin, or skinny to me. And the design of it, is not an exact copy of the original one. They even made the color different. The arm claws things, are much better though. The face looks much better than the original, but the head looks kind of small. I wish that they had made the wings in a way that they could extend. As for the Kre-O figures, I would have preferred that Hasbro would have made figures of the same scale of the M.A.S.K. figures, instead of these Lego imitations. I would have gone crazy trying to collect all of those figures.

  • Reading Kre-o reviews makes me a little sad. They were such great representations of the classic Joes. The last sets were what they should have been doing from the start with the Terror Drome and Firebat sets. I feel they were about two series short of hitting all the headliners.

    Oh well, Kreo got me tuned back in to Joe and with a misguided trip into the modern line I have settled into collecting the vintage line. I hope every day for a return or the little guys, Short of that a Black Series treatment in 6″ scale would be quite welcome.

  • Cops were way bigger you are thinking of centurions and not visionaries. Visionaries were at 4.5scale

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