Mayhem Trooper (Black Major)

Specialized Cobra troopers didn’t really become a part of the enemy forces until 1985’s Eels, Snow Serpents and Tele-Vipers. I often look back at the early Marvel comics issues and pick out the variant troopers that Herb Trimpe and Mike Vosburg came up with and wonder if someone will ever make custom versions of these guys. The 2000s comic packs gave us colorful variations on the regular and Officer, but I’d like to see a classic o-ring communications trooper or the mysterious bald Cobra from Issue one.

Black Major has been providing trooper variants for years, and recent efforts have further diversified the old molds. The Mayhem Trooper is yet another specialized Black Major Cobra Trooper, this time done up in 1984 Firefly type camouflage. The similarities don’t stop there, as the included file card describes these guys as personally trained by the saboteur to inflict damage and casualties across the globe. The idea of sabotage troops is something I’m surprised Cobra hasn’t had before. I suppose the closest they’ve come would be an ancillary duty of Techno-Vipers and Alley Vipers. As it stands, the Mayhem Troopers look great next to Firefly.

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  • Pit Viper, one of the more forgotten “new sculpt” era additions, who was an infiltration trooper, would I’d guess also be a saboteur.

    File cards and numbered editions. You aren’t a fan club, BM.

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