Low Light (2006)

The DTC series produced a number of figures that had been on many fans’ wish list since GI Joe line was relaunched in 2002. The team’s night spotter was a figure I had wanted to see for a while in the then-new construction style. Though the wait was long, the late release allowed for the use of the improved, hidden joints first introduced near the end of the era. He shares his arms with Snake Eyes, and though the shirt looks a bit too tight considering his MOS, he does benefit from swivel wrists, always a good feature for a figure whose primary weapon is a sniper rifle.

Created with a preponderance of existing parts, this Low Light cuts a more stripped down look than his predecessors. I daresay that without the vest, he’s almost plain looking when compared to his 1986 and 1991 versions. His accessories add interest; the vest calls back to his 80s days with its single crimson shoulder pad, while the new rifle presents a modern update to the old sniper rifle. The head’s origin as Chief Torpedo is not as recognizable with the goggles pulled over the eyes. And hey, he’s also a blonde again.


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