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We Need a Medic! (Again)


When searching through my figures for new subjects, I often come across items that I’ve already covered. Sometimes I look at them and think they deserve more exposure, or I just feel the need to talk about them again. Such is the case with this figure.

The Medi-Viper is a character that will be More >

Interrogator (2006)

Interrogator (2006)


The original Interrogator is one of the gems of the latter years of the Real American Hero era. He had all the hallmarks of what made the early Cobra agents interesting and menacing. Though he was a driver of one of the most ridiculous GI Joe vehicles, the figure was wonderful. Mysterious, imposing More >

Airtight (2008)

Airtight (2008 DTC)


So, three years, three Airtight figures. Do I sense a pattern? Yeah, it’s a bit lame, but I like to call back to that first JAD figure post. It was a simpler time… Someone asked once why I chose Airtight as my first subject, and my answer was that he kind of distilled for me what drew me into the More >

Cobra Commander (2005)

Cobra Commander (2005 Comic Pack)


Anybody interested in a holographic Cobra Commander? At first, I thought maybe Hasbro had confused their GI Joe line with Star Wars, since back in the 2000s, you couldn’t swing a dead Jawa without hitting a hologram based figure. Alas, it was not a mix-up, but a legitimate variant based on a few More >

Low Light (2006)

Low Light (2006)


The DTC series produced a number of figures that had been on many fans’ wish list since GI Joe line was relaunched in 2002. The team’s night spotter was a figure I had wanted to see for a while in the then-new construction style. Though the wait was long, the late release allowed for the use of More >

Cobra Trooper (2005)

Cobra Trooper (2006)


I’ve mentioned it before: I’m not much of an army builder. If I like a troop type, the most I’ll buy is four or five. I flirted with the idea of putting together impressively sized forces during the 2000s, in particular its re-releases of several classic o-ring Cobra troops. I must have bought ten More >


Alvin “Breaker” Kibbey (2005)


Breaker. He’s one of the original thirteen 80s Joes who have gotten rereleases over the years, but not a redesign. He’s been in comic packs as both an o-ring and modern style figure, and he’s had a place in the Stars and Stripes set back in 1997. Okay, okay I take back the lack of a redesign More >


Hannibal: Reborn (2006)


I just don’t get prime time television these days. To have a series based on a serial killer would have been unthinkable in the past. Maybe I’m just getting old, but I can’t get into Hannibal beyond his appearance in the original Silence of the Lambs film. Wait, what? Oh, sorry. Wrong Hannibal. More >


Grand Slam (2006)


The original Grand Slam was one of my favorite figures early on in my childhood GI Joe collecting days. It actually remained so and saw regular use even through the release of many more colorful and specific characters. Something about it resonated with me. I guess design wise it was the red pads, More >


Barrel Roll (2005)


Barrel Roll was the case of a figure whose update was a pretty far cry, design-wise, from the original. The first figure looked like a young hotshot character, and his uniform supported that idea. Outfitted in a loose fitting uniform, done up in blue and grey, he seemed to be geared more towards More >

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