Justin Case and Recon Rover (Lanard STAR Force)

Despite having one of the most insufferably cutesy code names, Justin Case is one of my favorites of the later o-ring Corps! molds. Like many of his line mates, he was repainted and repackaged for a variety of series. The STAR Force sub-line presented him in a very unique color scheme that was a far cry from his more subdued commando-esque origins.

Like contemporaries Full Proof and Lars Lazer, Justin Case’s uniform translates well into space oriented missions. The lack of a covered helmet is more than a little concerning for a guy hanging out in a vacuum. Maybe he’s equipped with some sort of force shield to protect him from the elements. Yeah, that’s what I’ll say.

Mr. Case was included with a moon roving ATV known as the Recon Rover. Based on Lanard’s approximation of GI Joe’s own Ferret, it looks pretty striking done up in white, yellow and grey. Why is it that all space or moon vehicles have to be colored white? The Rover has the Ferret beat in armaments, sporting two missiles, elevating cannons and a mounted machine gun. Surprising, considering the Corps! never really had an enemy to fight, alien or otherwise.


  • I like these corps figures. They are always an inexpensive source of fresh 0-rings. On a side note, Justin here looks a bit like Mace from C.O.P.S

  • I think his torso could be used to make a custom ARAH-style version of the Valor Vs. Venom Beachhead. Anyone see the resemblance?

  • True…however I was thinking it could also pass for Hi-Tech/Med Alert pretty easily too. I do like looking at the guys from The Corps. Their vehicle were always pretty interesting, even if their figures could sometimes be a little awkward.

  • Looking at that Rover, i suddenly feel like having a bowl of fresh pineapple. Like I said the other day about colors and foodstuffs…

    I suppose the reason for white moon and space vehicles is all having so much black universe around to provide contrast. I’d never seen this version of Justin Case before. I have the green one and he’s certainly one of the best figures from the o-ring years. The white and gray work really nicely here, almost to the point of making Justin look like a different character altogether. He’s always worked as a great army builder as well.


  • The Star Corps version of those 3 were hard to find. I think I had a Fullproof with light up weapons or something. He may have had a metallic paint job.

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