Iron Grenadier (2007)

Even though Sigma 6 ran a bit short on the villain side, the figures that were released impressed. Keeping the Cobras focused on a core group also gave the line a nice appropriate focus, considering it was primarily figure centric. Though there were a few classic personalities I would liked to have seen (Baroness, Major Bludd) I’m happy with what’s out there.

The series disappointed me in one segment of the bad guy department, and that’s in the rank and file troops. There really was no basic Cobra trooper, aside from the disguise that Lt. Stone had. I wish I had picked up a few more of him on clearance to put together a Cobra squad. Near the end of the line, an Iron Grenadier was released, an odd choice for a troop builder, but not a bad figure at all.

The Grenadiers have always had a specific look, a sort of throwback design of a shock trooper, heavily armored, always imposing and usually colored black, red and gold. The Sigma 6 version brings in some of the old elements, but blends them with its own unique style to make a memorable figure. Most of the body reuses the previously released Firefly mold, but adds removable armor pieces and an interesting new headsculpt and backpack/breathing apparatus. It doesn’t pull much influence from the 80s version, but the whole package is quite fearsome and a little otherworldly, with its strange beady eyes and multiple hoses. To further push the weirdness angle, the Grenadier is also equipped with a sort of long range capture device with spiked collar and handcuffs. Yikes! How did they get that released?

The Grenadier could have been more imposing with more black paint apps, but I suppose Hasbro marketing didn’t want their toys to give kids nightmares. In the end, it’s the kind of all-out freaky and weird looking toy that you don’t see all that often in GI Joe these days. I really miss the short lived Sigma era, with its no holds barred approach to the GI Joe mythos and toy design.


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