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Voltar (1988)

Voltar (1988)


I’m a bit sorry that I missed out on the Iron Grenadiers concept in my younger days. Destro’s splinter group was introduced the year after I stopped buying GI Joes, and I think as a kid I would have been very interested in the toys. With an ornate, armored style  being so prominent, I would have More >

Iron Grenadier S6

Iron Grenadier (2007)


Even though Sigma 6 ran a bit short on the villain side, the figures that were released impressed. Keeping the Cobras focused on a core group also gave the line a nice appropriate focus, considering it was primarily figure centric. Though there were a few classic personalities I would liked to have More >


Metal-Head (1990)


Who would’ve thought that the words memorable character and DIC GI Joe could co-exist in a sentence? They can to me, thanks to this guy. The series was crawling with lukewarm characters, due to some pretty pedestrian writing and voice acting. There were exceptions of course, and Metal-Head was one More >


Undertow (2009)


During the time of the 25th anniversary series, I was hoping that between the annual member figure and convention sets, the Collectors Club was going to continue to carry the torch for the vintage o-ring styled figures. I had been a fan of their convention exclusive sets since the popular Crimson More >


Iron Grenadier (2008)


The Iron Grenadier was a troop type that I missed out on during its initial run in the 80′s. I’m sorry that I did, because as an adult collector it holds a lot of interest for me. I like Destro’s break off into his own force, as I’ve always thought of him as a very capable leader in his own More >


Metal-Head (1994)


Who would have figured that Metal-Head would get the remake treatment at the tail end of the Real American Hero line? I suppose it was to be somewhat expected, considering his prominence in the DIC cartoon. Speaking of which, although he was quite the goof in that series, I found him to be a More >


Ferret (1988)


Leave it to Destro to finally give us an enemy trooper who wears sensible pants. I wouldn’t think that tank drivers would normally wear khakis, but then again their boss is known for odd fashion choices.

The Ferret sports one of the most incredible helmets in all the line. Looking like a cross More >

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