Grunt (1997)

Grunt (1997)Ever get a new shirt that you really like, and can’t wait to wear it somewhere friends and family can see, and hopefully tell you how much they like it too? If that was Grunt in 1997, he’s probably still waiting for his shirt compliments. He’ll probably be waiting another seventeen years. After his pants change debacle in 1991, he probably thought it best to go with something new in the top half of the fashion arena.

Grunt is indicative of the problems with the Stars and Stripes set. Whether it’s the change-up of colors (in itself not a bad thing, just poorly executed), the switching of accessories or sadly missed bits of original molds, the set is very very odd. Grunt almost looks like he comes from some sort of Bizarro alternate universe where Remco produces the GI Joe line.

On the positive side, the extra paint apps are a plus, as the belt and pouches are all now detailed. Too bad he’s got Snake Eyes legs. Wait, this is supposed to be the positive part, right? Sorry. I was glad to see the original Cobra Officer AK-47 show up again. I gave my extras to the comic pack Cobras a few years later. You can never have too many AKs with which to arm your 80s bad guys. Mr. Graves didn’t miss his; he really needs to tote an M-16 anyway.

Grunt (1997)


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