Enemy Spy Leader (Demon Enemy)

Enemy Spy Leader National Defense, a series of budget, me-too GI Joe clones, is an odd and confusing story, to say the least. The line, available at K-Mart, utilized molds that would also be used by Galoob in its Gen. Patch series. The line also saw release as American Defense, a name later used by Remco for a series of K-Mart exclusive figures and vehicles. Finally, an enemy-focused series using the same body molds saw release as the wickedly cheesy Demon Enemy/Demon Ranger figures. The same molds also showed up as Galoob’s small scale A-Team figures. Confused? I am. I try not to think about it to much, and just soak in the weirdness.

The Enemy Spy Leader has one of my favorite color schemes of the Demon Enemy assortment. Clad in red shirt with black pants and gloves, there’s no mistaking that this is a bad guy. Want more proof that he’s not a wholesome, goody-goody type? He’s sporting a goatee, which is universally accepted as the facial hair style of evil men in popular culture. Look it up.

Enemy Spy Leader


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