Dreadnok Ripper (2008)

All three of the original Dreadnoks were very cool characters, and some of the most out-there action figures of the 1980s. After all, what’s not to love about a group of rough and tumble bikers who looked like they stumbled off the set of a Mad Max film. Larry Hama’s characterizations of the group in the Marvel comic always made for a fun read, and the cartoon portrayal of the mohawked ‘nok was pretty great, played to the hilt by the amazing Chris Latta.

The original Ripper’s look is translated intact into the 25th anniversary style. This version, from a comic two pack, is colored more closely like the original figure than some of the other, more colorful comic pack characters. The single carded Ripper better resembled the style of the four-color comic page.

The 25th anniversary series often left me cold with its poseability, and proportions, evidenced here by Ripper’s weirdly narrow hips and large thighs. It wasn’t all bad back then however, as the anniversary line’s accessories usually shined, sometimes even surpassing the originals. Ripper’s jaws of life are now articulated, a great added feature. And what more can be said about the amazing can opener bayonet. I’ve been a fan of that particular weapon ever since he used to slice up military vehicles during the attack on McGuire field. How did they manage that?



  • I never liked the Dreadknocks comic book portayals; they were too efective despite they only wore tateres clothes and drove shoddy vehicles that wouldnt even be able to get into first gear.

    As for Ripper. I’m pretty sure he was based on an idiot i went to school with. He was pretty much the same as Ripper. He got expelled for trying to extort money from the other kids

    There is also a translation error on his file card it says he was expelled from nursery school for extorting candy from the others. It should have read “Expelled from preschool for extorting lollies from the other kids”

  • I’ve never been a fan of the Dreadnoks (although, thankfully, they didn’t end up as Ewok wannabes like Hasbro had asked for) but Ripper is easily my favorite, figure wise. The 25th anniversary versions aren’t perfect, but the accessories certainly improved on the originals which were cool enough for their time.

  • Ahhh the Dreadnoks…never much cared for ’em or their far-out leader…

  • @ Clutch

    I cant bring myself to watch Pyramid of darkness. It rivals the DIC episodes in levels of sheer stupidity

  • I liked the Dreadnoks…to a point. I disliked them as large organization that Devil’s Due wanted to turn them into. I think Roadpig ruined the group’s dynamics. They were barely controlable by Zartan. Then a woman, Zarana takes charge, hurts the “lawless bikers living by their own terms” image. Then Roadpig shows up as her love-sick enforcer, beating anyone to a pulp who doesn’t obey Zarana. No wonder they no longer hung out with Cobra in later comic issues.

  • Growing up in the UK, with the Action Force weekly and later monthly comic, The Dreadnoks were portrayed as more dangerous, deadly, psychotic and homicidal as a ‘Biker Gang’ under the aegis of Cobra…They certainly weren’t as stupid as the Sunbow cartoon made them out to be nor as dim – witted as Hama made them out in the Joe comic in the US. I really liked them, many UK A.F. comic readers back in the late 80s liked their portrayal too judging by the letters pages and still do nostalgically. I also liked the two pack version of Ripper and Torch and the single card update of Buzzer, I own the second ‘cartoon like’ Ripper from the 25th range but the paint apps, especially on his beard and the lack of paint on his ankle joints, revealing the blue are my only gripes…I think you’re being a little too harsh about the proportions, its a toy after all.

    When I finally saw the 87 film, I really liked their voices and am proud to admit I can mimick all of them perfectly…Ripper’s a great figure, hmm…I may put him on display for a bit having wrote this…

  • How could anyone who grew up with G.I. Joe not have wanted to be a Dreadnok? Those guys were always having a good time, AND they got to hang around Zarana as a bonus. They were the true stars of G.I. Joe.

  • @ sf1378

    I know they were supposed to be Australian in the cartoon but to me they sounded British. I think that was down to me being able to tell a fake accent from a real one. When i first saw Bart vs Australia, i thought the “locals” sounded too South African

  • Nice face!

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