Dreadnok Ripper (2008)

I’m not normally one to cover carded figures, mostly because I’ve always been an “opener” type collector. I want to get these toys out of their packages and play with—I mean display—them. When the 25th Anniversary series came along, I picked up doubles of most of the line. There was one repaint wave that didn’t strike my fancy as much, and I only bought singles. Ripper here was one of them.

When I look at the shirt, all I can think of is Fred Flintstone. Overall, the figure’s paint job is brighter than its predecessor from the same year. In 2008, the line incorporated characters and deco based on the comic and cartoon series. If you look at the top right corner of the card, you’ll notice a blurb about the Marvel comic. Makes sense. 

It’s too bad the Rise of Cobra film came along the next year and shifted the focus of the brand. These comic and toon figures were a neat extra. If it had continued, I would have gone for a Sunbow Steeler, Airborne or civvies Torpedo.


  • I thought his hair was often more of a brown color in the comics.

  • He’s sort of “comic pack” looking without the comic. Decent figure of my favorite Dreadnok.

  • The arms are an improvement.

  • It amuses me how the handle of Ripper’s jaws-of-life is jammed right into his cheek just to fit it in the package. (This is why the original ARAH had separate bubbles for the accessories, I think.)

    Just look at his face. It’s as if Ripper is saying, “OI! Open this bloody blister pack and get this bloomin’ handle out of me face, ya drongo! It’s hurtin’ me cheek somefin awful!”

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