Dreadnok Buzzer (2005)

Buzzer was the first Dreadnok figure I picked up in 1985, and he was an instant favorite. I probably didn’t “get” much of the biker gang references within the ‘Noks’ look at the time, but I thought back then that they reminded me of the bad guys from the Road Warrior movie. Funny how my first exposure to that film was via an expurgated US network television showing. There remained enough action and interesting character to the film that it became one of my all-time favorites. Years later, when I discovered an original Australian cut of its predecessor Mad Max, I was even more entranced. Both films are wonderful in their own different ways.

Wait–was I supposed to be talking about a GI Joe figure? Sorry. The original Buzzer and Ripper had some mighty large noggins. Not that this was anything new to the 80s Joes, as there were others with big melons as well. I still like 1985 Buzzer, regardless of the fact that his large head also didn’t have a ball joint like other figures from that year. He also had a ton of personality, thanks to his outfit and weapons.

The new version produced for a comic pack featured a newly sculpted head that, like many others of the time, was significantly smaller. Some folks balk at the head sizes on figures like Hawk and Zap, and I agree, they’re on the small side. I don’t think Buzzer’s is too bad. I quite like the new head, although the more realistic modern sculpting style tends to clash with the older 1980s body. The colors are also a bit more muted, and tend to lack in contrast. It’s definitely not the bright color scheme of the old days. And they left off his arm tattoo, darnit.



  • This is a nice update for Buzzer. The figure is not without its faults, but neither was the original. I like the head sculpt on this one a lot better.

  • And he, like Ripper, came with all his original accessories!

  • When I first got my Buzzer in 85, I thought he was an evil bizzaro version of Duke. Blonde hair, same tan uniform, Buzzer was a super sinister Duke clone, and Zartan’s supernatural powers played a part in the ruise. I was a slight crazy child, appearantly. Still am, as I’m talking about it 30 years later.

  • I never liked the way the Drednoks were prtayed in the comic. They were the most effective guys cobra had. Not bad for pack of mostly illiterate and deranged bikers.

    I’ve always wondered why Buzzer has the dog tags hanging out of his shirt as well as the police badge and airborne wings. Are they trophies from people he’s killed?

  • Ive always thought the same about the dog tags and badge. Anyway, i have yet to pick up this pack but its onmy radar. Ive just about given up on modern Joe stuff, way too pricey now for non retail items,plusthey just dont have the same charm as an o ring. So im trying to rebuild my vintage collection and grab some of the early 00s stuff i missed. Im glad i found your site. Its gonna be quite helpful as i try to accomplish my goal. Thanks for the great reviews!

  • That’s a unique and fun take on Buzzer, ren! I can totally see it. I think it’s neat how imagination can run with things, take Rob’s Mad Max inspiration, for instance, I did the exact same; Thrasher, however, with the Thundermachine ruled the battlefield, or wasteland, for me, though. I often thought Buzzer had that “good guy” army shirt with medals and ribbons, I do remember thinking back in the day, perhaps he was a good guy….

    This comic pack head doesn’t look all that bad on Buzzer, the swivel joint was what was getting to me a shorter while back, though.

  • I just wish the skin-tones matched so I could use this head on the original body.

  • Ahh….The Dreadnoks. For me, some of my favourites. I only really liked the original trio, Buzzer, Ripper and Torch, oh and MonkeyWrench….for me, he has the same ‘Nokkishness’ of his compatriots…I do like Zartan, before all the Ninja rubbish inclusion came along and his siblings…Yes, I like Thrasher, Road Pig and Zanzibar but they were secondary to the original Noks…In the UK they really used them far better. The UK comics made no bones about how psychotically homicidal they all were….and dangerous with it. People seem to forget that Buzzer was by far one of the most intelligent Nok’s, his file card bio proves this:

    File Name: Dick Blinken (Richard Blinken-Smythe)
    Birthplace: Cambridge, England

    Buzzer was an extreme left-wing Cambridge sociology don who went to Australia to research the biker gang phenomenon only to be transformed into the very subject of his research. Years of intellectual displeasure caused repressed psychotic anger, manifested in an intense desire to chainsaw apart the expensive geegaws of technological society.

    Specialty and M.O.*: A scavenger of the swamps, Buzzer can cut through steel, wrought iron and any metal (except armor plate) with his diamond-toothed chain saw.
    *Modus Operandi

    I can imagine he actually comes from an upper – middle class family, maybe even the Black Sheep, ‘he who shall not be named’ Son of an aristocratic family with such credentials…

    I actually miss these sort of bio’s, they were erudite beyond a kids years and in many senses were educational, about military hardware, the figures characteristics and of course, taught (me) new words…’geegaws’ for example…

    I reckon the original trio were held over from the previous year, before the advent of the ball jointed neck that debuted in 1985…Buzzer’s so memorable, even my Late Father would recall him instantly, ponytail, chainsaw and biker clothes….which made the figure stand out all the more from the more sinister and lurid Cobra’s…I had the original, he was a nigh on indestructible toy and I put him through a LOT….I don’t like the comic pack update, the heads too small and his gear’s all black, a bland choice for a Nok…silver was far nicer….My fave version has to be the 25th version with all its slight changes. My one bugbear being the lack of a removable fuel tank…but I particularly love the singular black glove, frown and goatee…

    V1 and the 25th epitomise what a great character he is….

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