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Agent Helix (2009)

Why is it so difficult to portray an attractive female face at the 3 & 3/4 inch scale, even in the modern age? Granted, Helix isn’t as unattractive as the original Scarlett, but her face looks a bit odd to me. Maybe I’m just seeing the eye paint at a weird angle and it looks strange. She does have quite a long and thin nose. The body, however, is a more accurate representation of the female form. Modern construction really allows for a variety of builds like this. Female GI Joe figures have certainly come a long way from figures like the first new sculpt Baroness.

The harness and corset getup doesn’t look too conducive to fighting or even to quick movements. I’m not a lady person, and thus don’t know what constitutes uncomfortable clothing for the fairer sex, but she looks rather, uh…squeezed around the upper chestological area. Yikes.

If you don’t like a brightly colored GI Joe figure, turn your head. The look of the uniform and hair bring to mind a villain’s design more than a hero, but maybe I’m just getting old, or maybe it’s a by-product of her video game origins. The strap and pouch quotient is quite high for the time period, and combined with the other elements, I can’t shake the feeling that I’ve seen this kind of thing before. Wait a minute. I see it now. The whole look–the color, the uniform and weapons, and the streaky hair…it’s…dare I say it? Extreeeme!

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  1. Skymate

    Aparently she is one of the harder figures to find from R.O.C. Still, that didnt stop me from customising her into someone else

  2. Acer

    I actually like Helix, though I haven’t played the video game. In my fanfic timeline, she and Sgt. Stone (whose counterpart in my take on the Sunbow timeline uses his 3-pack version’s colors) later marry, and their grandson is the Lt. Stone who becomes the new field leader in G.I. Joe Extreme.

  3. big Joe

    She’s still probably the best looking sculpt of a female in any G.I. Joe era, and the boots and bustier give her a special ops/intelligence vibe. Trim a couple of those pouches off the waist and you’ve got a fine looking figure that would have given me fits when I was 11!

  4. Clutch

    Visually, Helix would pass better for a Dreadnok or Cobra agent. Maybe as the Baroness’ sister or daughter?

  5. mike

    The face could definitely be prettier but I really like this figure and just the character in general.

  6. Joseph Jones

    This is one of my favorite modern era figures. just sucks how maligned she is with the rest of the fandom.

  7. Scott

    I like this figure. I’m not a big modern collector, but this one stood out to me since it is a new character, and new female character at that.
    I’m not as happy with the actual weapons that were included, except for the knife, but re-arming with two twin pistols is easy to do.
    Not perfect, but this figure is one of my favorite figures from the last 10 years mostly due to being mostly original (even with comparisons to other things out there).

  8. Jeremy

    My daughter took this one from me, along with the ROC Covergirl. My daughter who’s only 5 has managed to procure almost every female Joe, including an ’82 Scarlett! She has more female Joes than I do…

  9. Jester

    Like the figure, hate the character.

  10. Garoquel

    I have like 6 of these still in package and 2 loose it wsnt that hard to find

  11. Raj

    So, everyone likes the figure but Rob.

    1. Rob Buzan

      What can I say, I gotta be the bad guy some of the time.

  12. Neapolitan Joe

    I love Helix, awesome character!

  13. Dougley

    Lamest character ever introduced to the Joe mythos. Seriously, ever. The toy is pretty weak too, with all the ludicrous amount of leather strapping and pouches on her. The other female figures introduced in ROC were so much better.

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