Agent Helix (2009)

Why is it so difficult to portray an attractive female face at the 3 & 3/4 inch scale, even in the modern age? Granted, Helix isn’t as unattractive as the original Scarlett, but her face looks a bit odd to me. Maybe I’m just seeing the eye paint at a weird angle and it looks strange. She does have quite a long and thin nose. The body, however, is a more accurate representation of the female form. Modern construction really allows for a variety of builds like this. Female GI Joe figures have certainly come a long way from figures like the first new sculpt Baroness.

The harness and corset getup doesn’t look too conducive to fighting or even to quick movements. I’m not a lady person, and thus don’t know what constitutes uncomfortable clothing for the fairer sex, but she looks rather, uh…squeezed around the upper chestological area. Yikes.

If you don’t like a brightly colored GI Joe figure, turn your head. The look of the uniform and hair bring to mind a villain’s design more than a hero, but maybe I’m just getting old, or maybe it’s a by-product of her video game origins. The strap and pouch quotient is quite high for the time period, and combined with the other elements, I can’t shake the feeling that I’ve seen this kind of thing before. Wait a minute. I see it now. The whole look–the color, the uniform and weapons, and the streaky hair…it’s…dare I say it? Extreeeme!

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