3.75″ Joe Kickstarter

We interrupt the usual daily post (don’t worry–a super fun Halloween feature is coming later today) to tell you about yet another cool Joe-related Kickstarter project. 3.75″ Joe: Creating G.I.Joe ®: A Real American Hero™ focuses on pre-production art as well as stories from the people who created the 1980s iteration of the brand. The project is the first volume in a planned series covering 1982-1994.

The project has just under two days left, and is at 75% of its funding. If you’re interested in peeking into the creation of our beloved 80s Joes, check out the project and help get the book to its funding goal. Check out the link for more details, including some of the other rewards that are available (such as prints and a poster) along with the book.


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