• I think it’s a nice little patrol vehicle for Terror-Dromes.

    Also, it’s not too hard to equip the Neo-Viper with his signature AK-47 and Skorpion machine pistol–those molds were used ad nauseum throughout the newsculpt era.

  • I beleive ‘Battle Bumblebee’ is a registered trademark of Hasbro.
    With those colours the battle hornet could be piloted by the Mighty Monarch

    It is hard to make saftey fun. Even the order of the triad had trouble making kids pay attention to the importance of saftey

  • Very fun, as always, Rob. I actually never knew about the grabber feature. I saw those things on shelves a lot. They were pretty bad shelf warmers in my neck of the woods. While not my speed at the time, I definitely could see how a kid could love it…and the fact that it was made “Tonka Tough” (I heard that used about another Joe vehicle of that era in a negative sense) would have been great for any kid, including probably me when I was young. I’m okay that the Joe line (at least at that time) needed to appeal to kids and concessions needed to be made on the design side of things. And honestly, not all the things designed with the kids in mind were that bad…I still love the two Valor Vs. Venom mech suits and those were definitely kid-friendly. Also, I love that that this relatively forgettable vehicle managed to show up in the pages of the DDP comic running at the time, gotta love cross promotion.

    Also, Safety Viper forever!

  • The Neo-Viper always reminded me of a cross between a Crimson Guard Immortal and an Iron Grenadier. Probably the best troop builder from the new sculpt era.

    I never got into any of the vehicles from 2002 to around 2005 due to their wackier, chunkier, “kid-oriented” designs. But I’ve begun to revisit a few in recent years such as the Night Force Grizzly tank, the Night Attack Chopper and the Crimson Command Copter. Compared to the Retaliation movie vehicles, anything with lights and sounds score higher points with me this time around.

    As for the Battle Hornet, it looks buggy enough to fit into the whole Cobra-La concept but it also works nicely as another of Mindy’s outrageous creations.

  • ridiculously awful vehicle… the urine yellow Neo Viper it included was embarrassed to be piloting it

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