• GAH that one on the left looks like one of the Thunderbirds.
    Speaking of MST3K, I’m working on a custom of Punch Sideiron and a Lockheed starfighter

  • The dude on the right looks Billy Dee Williams suave next to that left guy! And I really expected him to be bald when you took off the helmet; somehow that hair is even worse. He’s so bad, it’s good! Happy Turkey Day!

  • I had the figure on the right. I got it and a bunch of others from the same line at Walgreens for 10 cents each. Each figure came in a clear cellophane baggie with no text, just a price tag. They all came with one or two weapons or accessories. They actually wouldn’t be all that bad if they had just been made of a higher quality than the hollow plastic they used.

  • Hey Rob, search “Isaac Love Boat action figure” and I think the origin of the head on the right becomes clear.

    Be seeing you


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