Tripwire (2014 Kre-O)

I imagine that Tripwire probably wasn’t too high on many fans’ 80s Joe want list for the Kre-O line. He’s not the most dynamic character judging by looks or specialty, but he got a ton of use in my play as a kid. Most of that probably comes from his debut Marvel comic appearance, an issue that I wore out re-reading back in the day. I’m glad that he was released in a later wave, as like many others at the end of the series, he came equipped with a great micro-build accessory set.

Tripwire (2014 Kre-O)

The mine detector looks like a unique piece, and I can’t recall offhand seeing it in other sets. The helmet is as close an approximation as one could expect, using the same mold as Serpentor, with goggles painted onto the head underneath. The effect comes off pretty well.

Later modern versions of the character have reused the Flash chest piece, resulting in a textured chest pad rather than the smoother original version. In an odd move, that same texture is represented here with small dots. It’s not a big deal in the grand scheme of things, but in general the line’s been pretty accurate in terms of figure colors and tampo details.

Tripwire (2014 Kre-O)


  • It’s a nitpick, but I’d rather he came with wet-suit’s goggles / possibly tinted blue. I agree the flash armor got overused & why the need for it here?

  • I’m a little unsure about the helmet, but I’m kinda indifferent about Tripwire anyway that it doesn’t matter. If you keep him displayed, be sure to disconnect the “wire” from his backpack. The Kreo hoses have a tendency to snap below the #4 in the image above. This goes doubly for TeleVipers.

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