Toy Fair Flashback: 1994 Blockbuster

Wow, if you hadn’t known that GI Joe was changing within a year, you would think that a large tank-like vehicle like this would signal a return to form in comparison to previous 90s offerings. Unfortunately, the Blockbuster represents the final large vehicle of the RAH era. The diorama shot here in the Hasbro catalog showcases it nicely. It’s a shame we don’t get this kind of detail in modern marketing pics. Hasbro’s plain white house style is comparatively antiseptic and soulless compared to the olden days of the 80s and 90s. There’s even baking soda–I mean snow–on the tires. Diorama catalog shots, we hardly knew ye.



  • Cool find. The Blockbuster is very underrated. It’s a lot of fun to play with and pretty good sized. I found one at a Meijer store in the summer of ’95 and bought it for the figure. (I thought he was all new since I had quit collecting by ’89.)

    I had mine out a couple of weeks ago and it’s yellowed terribly. Too many hot summers in the garage, I guess. I’m kind of sad about it since it’s such a great vehicle. I have photos of the same toy from ’02 and it was still white then. I may have to get another one this year.

  • A non-arctic themed version would’ve been a fun thing.

  • It’s cool how they wired up the missiles so they’re shooting out of the cannons. And the way they loaded the Blockbuster with figures is awesome! Every large vehicle worth its weight can carry an army into battle. I would’ve thought it too lumbering to boulder over those rocks, but that’s the magic of advertising!

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