Toy Fair Flashback: 1994 Blockbuster

Wow, if you hadn’t known that GI Joe was changing within a year, you would think that a large tank-like vehicle like this would signal a return to form in comparison to previous 90s offerings. Unfortunately, the Blockbuster represents the final large vehicle of the RAH era. The diorama shot here in the Hasbro catalog showcases it nicely. It’s a

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Proto Crimson Twins

I’ve been fascinated for a while with the yearly Toy Fair catalogs that were common in the days before the internet. Paging through them is akin to a trip back in time, and at times even more enjoyable than looking through old Wish Book and Christmas catalogs. The industry catalogs definitely boast much higher resolution photos than what was available

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Toy Fair LCV

Look out, it’s the LCV! I wonder if buyers at Toy Fair asked–what the hell is this!? Proof that the GI Joe design team could do whatever they wanted after a few years of huge success. I also never was able to sit a figure on it motorcycle style, as Bazooka is in the inset photo. Need to check if

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