The Power of Packaging: FSS Iron Klaw

I’ve only partaken of a single FSS product thus far. While I’d love to dive in to the offerings, finances have prevented me from doing so. I managed to find the money to pick up Iron Klaw from the first set, mainly because I’m a huge GI Joe Extreme mark.

Some of the package art for the 25th anniversary as well as the FSS has been a bit wonky in terms of perspective and rendering. Maybe I’ve just been spoiled by the Hector Garrido’s always solid work on the original ARAH series. Regardless of art criticism, the painting depicts the figure included, from the IG Destro boots to the wicked bladed uzi and wrist-mounted shrimp skewers. Are we sure that’s not really Destro under that mask? All he’s missing is a little leopard print.


  • Oh, I’m such a fool for the GI Joe Extreme too. Had to look up some photos of this figure, pretty cool. But I feel like it needed more attitude, like, spikes or some torn cloth. Thankx for posting Rob!

  • Why the Cobra logo on the package and file card? Curious that so far only a couple of villains from EXTREME made the crossover to 4″ scale. But then fans seem to favor the villains.

  • What Snake Eyes Said (...)

    Hey Rob,

    After just completing a roughly several months long read through from beginning to now I just wanted to say I love this site, and feel much more connected to the hobby!

    I didn’t get into collecting until 25thA in 2007 (ME is my jam) and never knew anyone IRL who collected so it took awhile to accept that I was a toy collector, as I was brought up with the idea very firmly set that I had to grow out of toys at some point as a part of becoming adult. Now I even have databases for must have, maybe, and cool but wont be missed future purchases.

    I am not a big social media person or even commentor so I used reference sites like yojoe and read threads but have never really been a part until now.

    As a comic collector since 93 (started by and including all Joe, including a complete ARAH collection), Tolkien super nerd, and board game enthusiast, what’s one more geeky hobby!

    Sorry for the ramble!

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