Stuart “Outback” Selkirk (2016)

I must admit that I initially passed up the new 2016 Joe sets when I first saw them. Maybe it was just my mood at the time, but I didn’t feel all that compelled to make the purchase. I didn’t think the packs were bad, in fact I am excited about the three new female figures in the series. I suppose some of my motivation to pass by comes from last year’s sets; aside from the Gung Ho pack, the others hung around for a long time. I was most likely going to bide my time this year. However, my kids picked them up for me as a birthday present–yay! Thanks Will and Jenni for the thoughtful gift, and for three new blog subjects!

First up is Outblock–or maybe it’s Roadback? It won’t take log to see where most of this figure came from; particularly when you look at his accessories. I’m sure all of us who went in on the Retaliation movie toys remember the gun-kata gimmick that was part of Roadblock’s merchandise schtick, yet a no-show in the film itself. The concept is still interesting, but its association is with the film, and doesn’t fit Outback’s character at all. The good thing is, you can remove his vest and underneath is a shirt with the iconic  SURVIVAL printed on it. You can also give Outback the more well-known H&K and big ole backpack that suit him much better. There’s a bit of weirdness with the painted upper arms, particularly since you can easily make out where the t-shirt sleeves stop. Oh well, such complaints are the lot of a toy nerd. I’m just happy that I have a modern Outback figure.

Outback (2016) Outback (2016) Outback (2016) Outback (2016) Outback (2016)


  • Neat pics. I’ve had Outback for a few weeks now and didn’t realize you could clip the handles onto his vest. I just tucked them inside the backpack, but that looks way better.

  • Ugh, I hadn’t noticed the upper arms; that’s bad. Is there a disconnect between design and engineering? The overall presentation is good, and the idea of an all-black wearing Outback with street brawling weaponry is cool. Is that an old head? Seems a tad small. Happy belated birthday!

    • Indeed it is–it’s from the 25th Anniversary Outback of 2009.

      Wonder why they did keep all the Battle Kata gear here anyway….

  • I wish he had the clubs tiger force outback head instead of this tiny head. But I love that he has the correct shirt under the vest.

  • Joes in all black are boring. Yeah, he’s got a pin-head.

  • I’m glad to see Outback. I’d be glad to see anyone or anything on this site.
    This is the only site I’ve visited today that hasn’t been full of election memes

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