Storm Shadow (2009 Comic Pack)

Over the years, Storm Shadow’s action figures have usually been outfitted in some form of his classic all-white white ninja pajamas. When the Resolute animation came along, he was given something of a redesign, but the result was still a mostly white clad ninja.

Enter the 2009 comic packs, which were branded with a Resolute logo and packed with a comic. The comic, however, represented the continuity we all know from the classic Real American Hero era. Storm Shadow’s look did not, and he’s decked out in a training garb, which also looks like it could be ceremonial, since it doesn’t really incorporate many modern elements.

The biggest surprise for me when this figure came out was the alternate mask. If you’re familiar with the 90’s and Ninja Force, you’ll recognize it as Dice. You’ll also notice Dice’s signature weapons were included. We all know now that those parts have been put to good use by the Collectors Club.

Parts of this figure ended up as a later Snake Eyes that was dubbed “temple guardian.” I can see this Storm Shadow more useful in a role like that, and he could make a good companion to that figure.


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