Snow Job (2010)

Christmas of 1983 still stands as one of my best GI Joe memories. That year, I received almost all of the 1983 figures, plus the incredibly cool (even though it was essentially cardboard) Cobra Missile Command Headquarters. Included in this haul was a three pack that included Snow Job, who quickly became my favorite acquisition that day, and my favorite Joe for a long while. Even though he was a cold weather themed figure, I got a lot of use out of him when it was cold outside, and definitely when it snowed. I can’t remember if that year was a white Christmas, but I do recall playing with Snow Job and the Polar Battle Bear in the snow in later years.

What impressed me most about the 1983 figure was its ability to store and hold all of its gear. Plug in the skis and poles, and give him his rifle (the awesome XMLR-1A, also known as the Sunbow rifle) and he was good to go.

Seventeen years later, Hasbro released another Snow Job that was kitted out to an insane level. The accessories really are the star of the show here.   Once again, everything plugs into the pack, or can be held by the figure. This version actually outdoes the 1983 Snow Job by including a spot for the rifle to be placed onto the backpack. The fabric tent roll and skis can also be placed together to make a kind of shelter or blind.

This figure inspired me once again to venture out into the snow for some fun. Okay, I didn’t actually play with the figure, more out of fear of losing some tiny piece of gear than any strange looks my neighbors may cast my way. I’d hate to lose his mess kit or the eensy-weensy field phone. I did however snap a few pictures of Snow Job in his native environment, and with apologies to my Flag Points co-host Dave, I have to say it’s much better than just dumping some baking soda on my usual green backdrop.

The figure itself is up to the usual standards of the modern era, although the coat restricts movement of the chest and hips. Not a big deal, just don’t try to stick him in your old Battle Bear. The head sculpt is interesting, since they went for a hood down look, but I wouldn’t mind having an alternate Snow Job head without goggles or some sort of hat.


  • Wonderful modern interpretation of a classic!

  • Those are some sweet accessories. Snow Job has never been a character lacking in gear since 1983 even though it took decades for him to received an updated figure.

    I was lucky enough to play with my Joes in actual snow for awhile in the 80’s. Not sure about baking soda, but hey, at least you can ease your heartburn with it.

  • Snow “tons of accessories” Job!

  • Snow Job’s original rifle was actually labeled the XMLR-3A, since Flash’s was the 1A.

    This figure has a couple of reused parts–the torso is the ROC reactive armor chest, the arms and legs are from the ROC Arctic Snake Eyes, and the coat would be used for the POC Arctic Shipwreck.

  • No baking soda? Oh well… Nice review anywayz.

  • Looks like a pretty good update. I particually like the frost on his beard

  • Like most POC offerings, never did I once see this figure at retail.

  • Just to make everyone feel old, I want to point out that 2010 is 27 years after 1983, not 17.

    Great review. I remember my siblings and I playing with the original Snow Job in the snow in Chicago and losing both his skis. It was a long several weeks waiting for the snow to melt, but when it did we were able to retrieve the skis right where we had been playing. For a kid, that was like winning the lottery.

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