Jungle Assault Skydive

By KansasBrawler Sometimes an action figure really just captures your imagination. I don’t know why, but I’ve always really loved jetpacks, and the crazier-looking the better. At Joe Con in 2009, the Hasbro team found a way to make me buy another movie Ripcord figure—by making him into the Desert Battle jetpack trooper. While I wasn’t wild about Marlon Wayans’s

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Crazylegs (Pursuit of Cobra)

By KansasBrawler Ah, phantom waves…the bane of every collector’s existence. It always seems like some really good stuff gets shunted off into final, hard-to-find waves of toy lines. Be it the WarriorsThree from Thor, Kwinn and company from Retaliation or the great figures in the last wave of Pursuit of Cobra, it’s always maddening when Hasbro brings the heat in

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Destro (2011 City Strike)

City Strike Destro, more popularly known as Money Bags Destro, was an absolute bear to find. It marks the only modern figure for which I’ve paid a premium price. It hurt a bit (mainly because I’m a bit thrifty when it comes toy purchases) but I’m glad I picked up the figure. He’s a great little detailed version in the

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