Snake Eyes Knock-Off Minifigure

Minifigure knock-offs have been a source of interest for me since I discovered them a couple years ago. They’re definitely a source of contention within the Lego collector community, as the makers are basically using a patented mold with little to no changes. The exterior shapes of the parts are close to identical when compared with their legit counterparts, but the interior structure often differs. This, along with a lower grade of plastic and little to no quality control often results in a figure that can’t compare to the fit and finish of the real deal. If you’re a knock-off toy collector, you know the routine.

Some of the minifigures are direct copies of Lego product. Take that as you will. However, there are also copies of custom figures that Lego hasn’t (or won’t) produce. Another however–most of those custom designs are copied from work by customizers who sell printed product via eBay or their own websites. Guess there’s no honor among knock-offs.

This particular design was originally produced by customizer Onlinesailin. This customizer has since discontinued work, which makes me wonder if it’s due to designs being borrowed. Regardless, the print is a decent representation of 1985 Snake Eyes, although the visor could have stood to be dark grey. It’s a bit of a nitpick, considering that I never thought I’d see a custom Joe minifig like this much less one available for under one dollar US.

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