Snake Eyes (2013 Tactical Ninja Team)

Snake Eyes has worn a lot of different outfits over the years, most being a variation of black on black on black. He’s also been a ninja equipped with blue weapons, a camo wearing Sigma 6 commando, an arctic commando, a color changing Shadow Ninja and more.

I imagine the training of a ninja involves discpline to the level that all but the most necessary in one’s life is forsaken in pursuit of the highest levels of the craft. That would naturally include giving up a love of gold. I guess that once Snake Eyes had enough of the Arashikage lifestyle, he fully embraced a love for shiny accessories. Who knew Snakes had a thing for bling?

The figure uses the Pursuit of Cobra commando Snake Eyes mold, an impressive modern update of Snake Eyes’ original figure that also included his trademark sword as well as the 1985 style mask. The added harness is a logical addition, considering the package states that he uses a rappelling line to breach Cobra defenses. It’s a little clunkier looking than his normal gear, but it does fit the figure well enough.

Snake Eyes has also taken to arming himself with a plethora of skewering weapons, which in addition to the usual swords, now includes a pair of long hand-held claws, and two forearm mounted claws reminiscent of version two Storm Shadow as well as a certain over-exposed hero of geek culture who’s also the Best There is at What He Does.

If you don’t like the silent master in such an ostentatious look, then ditch the harness and weapons and replace them with one of the more traditional versions from any number of modern Joes. With just a little parts swapping, those who missed out on the PoC commando Snake Eyes can have a decent substitute, albeit one without the 1982 mask.


  • While I like this figure, I REALLY wish they would have used different colors for the webgear and weapons. After some thought I came to the conclusion that this is a pseudo homage to Snake Eyes V5. I’m fine with the figure if I think of him in that way.

  • It should be noted that the harness came from the produced but never released ROC desert Storm Shadow.

  • The harness’ colors are better suited for a guy like Storm Shadow. Funny how they went with the ’85 visor on a mostly ’82/’83 suit homage.

  • Yeah, I’ll freely admit, I bought it for the harness (though I thought the Storm Shadow in question was meant to be jungle…maybe I’m remembering what I saw wrong). The colors aren’t great, but I’ve also seen worse. I’m tempted to try and talk a friend of mine who paints metal minis to take a whack at repainting the harness into some better colors (and maybe repainting him in something other than all black…sorry, I find it a little boring, especially since the original use of this mold was also basically all black). My only real gripe is that at least with mine, I have a devil of a time getting the hole in the harness to mesh with the hole in the back so you can use the backpack. I don’t think it’s a deal breaker, but I did find it kind of annoying when I first got him. It’s a shame they didn’t use different lower legs just so the harness would fit a little better. The pouches and holster kind of hit right where the leg straps are more designed to go.

  • I like the painted claws on the claw/Vega weapon

    Ive noticed lots of people say they cant find Retaliation in their countries have the Retaliation toys only been released in the U.S.A?

  • I agree with most of the posters here; who’s paying attention to Snake Eye’s bling when he’s decked out in so much teal? Snake Eyes – Martha Stewart edition?

  • I like this figure!
    But I do not like the golden parts.

  • Imagine that, another Snake Eyes. I guess when some 4″ toy lines are 90% Iron Man or Spider-Man, I should be glad for the variety Joe does offer. This is a good body for building customs on, nice to have that available.

  • I agree with Stars….I bought this pack b/c I envisioned it as an homage (well, kinda) to the v5 one.

  • Nobody here or in many other reviews of this figure have mentioned it, but it seems very obvious to me that this webgear and Kamakura’s gear from the earlier Retaliation 3-pack should be swapped. It really looks like they are wearing each other’s equipment. Did some one at hasbro see the design an say, “we can’t have another all-black Snake Eyes, so trade gear with his ninja apprentice”?

  • @Neil
    Funny you should say that–I’ve seen about four customizers who did that.

  • If you were lucky enough to pick up the POC Snake Eyes, then this guy is pure custom fodder. Hasbro really scored big with this mold. I’ve used extra POC Snake Eyes figures for a custom covert ops team.

  • Awesome figure, I pull off the “Kamakura”‘s vest without problems, I removed it slowly with my fingers: . Marauders Low-Light is excellent too!

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