Sightline (2017)

Sightline, first released as part of the 2015 Toy R Us exclusives, was a new character based on Gary Head, noted Joe historian who passed away in 2014. This year, Joe Declassified has produced a limited o-ring version of the figure. The exclusive has been making the rounds to various Joe events throughout the year. The JAD crew attended Assembly Required earlier this month, and the JAD kids each got a copy of the figure from the guys at the booth. They were super excited, and it was cool to see a vintage style figure get into little hands. Oh and I picked one up too. No, I didn’t take this fig out of my kids’ hands!

The figure follows the aesthetic of factory produced customs from the likes of Black Major and Red Laser. The figure was produced by Red Laser, and there’s some pretty cool parts choice going on here, and that’s thanks to long-time o-ring customizer Chad_Ghost. As an off-topic aside, I’d like to see Chad and Matt involved in more factory customs, given their talents. Imagine those two turned loose with a large vintage parts catalog at their disposal. Going back to the figure, I only see two issues–the backpack peg doesn’t fit, and the hands can’t hold the rifle without risking a broken thumb. Neither is a big deal, but worth pointing out.

Sightline’s deco is an interesting 80s style take on the 2015 figure’s digital camo and unique red goggles. The Snake Eyes head mold gets a little more paint detail thanks to a small outline around the visor. Speaking of visors, there’s a red version of the ’82-83 original. I’m sure many kids put a helmet on Snakes back in the day, and I think the effect here makes for a very striking figure. And don’t get me started about the silver pants. They’re so nice.


  • “No, I didn’t take this fig out of my kids’ hands!”

    Good for you. At $100 a pop for this guy, you can be sure that not every kid has the opportunity to keep theirs.

    I’d love to see more Chad/Matt designs from Red Laser. Seeing the parts catalog, I’m hoping they come up with the next round of figures. (I think Chad was the mind behind the “General” figure, too.)

  • Super nice! Never realized that those helmets fits the Snake-eyes head

  • Well, I’m a little bummed that I didn’t get either of the cards with my figure. Honestly, I didn’t even know about those until this post. That said, I really think it is awesome that Gary continues to get such appreciation shown in a variety of ways and forms.

  • Nice review. Thanks for the nod!
    (this is chad_ghost 🙂 )

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