Sgt. Airborne (2013)

This could be the original Airborne, or it could be his alternate Sky Patrol namesake. Since he was released as part of the Retaliation movie line, and therefore has no file card, you’re free to choose who you want it to be. Maybe he’s a third version of the code name; a new guy whose secondary specialty is immune system support.

These modern paratrooper figures are pretty amazing from an aesthetic perspective. I’m not an expert, but they sure give the appearance of being incredibly faithful to current military equipment and dress. The toy loving part of me however, finds them somewhat lacking in personality. I don’t think it’s the lack of a file card that fails to stir my imagination, but the figure’s almost bland realism. I like a bit of style with my toys, and a guy simply outfitted in jump gear makes me yawn a bit. Speaking of gear, the parachute harness here comes from a 2008 figure, the Cobra Para-Viper. Now there’s a stylish and fun modern paratrooper figure. Then again, Cobra always has Joe beat in pure style and flash. The inclusion of a 25th anniversary web gear/harness type accessory I think speaks a lot for the quality of the Para-Viper. I’ll have to get to that under-appreciated modern Cobra army builder soon.

I’m sure the masked head on Sgt. Airborne is probably based on some ultra-cool modern state-of-the-art military equipment, complete with nanomite stealth technology and moisture wicking capabilities, but I just can’t help thinking it looks like an old timey ski mask. Actually, I’ll go one better; it looks like it may have been an item from the costume department of the Ray Dennis Steckler film Rat Pfink A Boo Boo. Hmm, I think I have a new custom figure in mind…


  • Dreadnok: Spirit

    Overall, this is a nice looking figure. I do think they tend to use the ski mask/balaclava way too much on a lot of the newer figures, though. They look cool, but does every figure need to come with a ski mask? I mean, they’re not all Firefly and ninjas.

  • Yeah, I agree that while I like the look of this new mask because I haven’t seen it a dozen times yet, I kinda miss the days when most Joes had faces. The balaclava is getting pretty ridiculously overused in my opinion. I didn’t mind it on the Steel Brigade because they’re supposed to be faceless Joe troopers, but Hasbro couldn’t have given this Airborne or RoC Frostbite a face? Come on…

    This version of Airborne was a pleasant surprise to me out of the Tactical Ninja set since I wasn’t sure I’d wanted it or needed it but he really won me over.

  • I like this guy. Screw it, i’ll make a trip to Sydney to see what i can find

    It is disapointing that the file cards are no longer present. That means there will be no more kids who laugh at Albert Pine and Skip A Stone. I wonder if it was done as kids such little interest.

    From what i’ve seen of modern special forces in training, they all seem to wear balaclavas on training manouvers.

    As for RatPfink & BooBoo what is that? I thought Adam West was the campiest super hero around.

  • Does that webgear still have the Cobra logo on the back?

    Speaking of that ROC Frostbite, I think I have a little gear add-on in mind…..

  • “Bland”. You got that right. You could call this guy “Kitbash”, because I don’t recognize any new parts here. The “ski mask/balaclava” head has got to go.

  • Yeah, you nailed it with “bland realism”; and it’s a design challenge for GIJoe. Hasbro says they’re marketing to kids, but guys like this are wholly for adult collectors, who complain how farfetched (and/or neon) GIJoe uniforms are. Problem is, GIJoe isn’t BBi or Forces of Valor and every figure doesn’t need to look the same. Or boring.

  • A nice figure, a real 2013 G.I.JOE!

  • I almost bought the three pack just for this figure. I love the “bland” army/airborne realism!

  • @cyko9:

    It might be more accurate to say “bland fancifulness”. The figure’s parachute harness is like no existing military rig I’ve ever seen, nor is the underlying jumpsuit, with its odd seams, armoured panels and seals, 100% “real world” to the best of my knowledge. Perhaps some day, we’ll see our host describing it as one of those overlooked sculpts that only needed a few more paint apps to really shine…

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