Scrap Iron (2005)

Was the designer of this Scrap Iron a fan of Warhammer 40,000? The shoulder pad shape, and the multi-piece armor remind me of that war torn grim future’s Space Marines. Mix that look with a head and helmet reminiscent of manga art taken into three dimensions, and you’ve got a truly different take on one of the classic named baddies of Cobra.

The file card pretty much follows on from the personality put forth in his original portrayal, describing him not only as a weapons designer for Destro, but also as a man who detests imperfection. He always struck me as a real bad tempered bruiser type in the Sunbow cartoon, but maybe that was simply due to the voice actor’s consistently gruff line reads.

Visually, there aren’t too many similarities between this figure and the usual look for the character. The helmet continues the tradition of the old version, with a cobra sigil front and center. Overall though, this is a more ostentatious look than one would expect, with Cobra motifs prominent all over. The old Scrap Iron design was quite utilitarian, and not exactly what  I would call flashy. I have to wonder if it was originally intended to be Scrap Iron at all. The portable missile launcher is gone in favor of what is apparently a pretty mean looking over/under heavy machine gun with rocket launcher. Even though it looks unwieldy, it seems like a weapons that will blow stuff up real good.

His armor is full of dents, scrapes and dings, which would stand to reason for a guy whose business is to blow up everything in sight. However, the state of disrepair of his armor has got to cause problems with his perfectionist mentality. Maybe he just gets out some Bondo after each battle and smooths it all out.


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