Scorpion (1994 Mortal Kombat)

This particular Mortal Kombat mold was available in a veritable panoply of colors during the run of Hasbro video game and film tie-in toys. I did not hesitate to Taste The Rainbow when the figures hit the shelves of my local Kay-Bee Toys. Thanks to the chain’s dubious two/three-for-one sales I was able to stock up easily.

Scorpion approximates his game model pretty well, considering Hasbro didn’t opt for all new tooling. They certainly got the mileage out of the molds thanks to all the opportunities to create other similarly garbed characters. The brighter colored versions like Scorpion fit in more closely alongside the denizens of Ninja Force, but others like Smoke are nicely subdued.


  • Hard to change the o-ring on this one….

  • I love these guys. Even with the goofy colors. The yellow ones can be ninja trainees or something.

    The head and chest are perfect, but the “spats” and wrist guard strike me as more Chinese kung fu than Japanese ninja. But I’m no expert.

    Agreed about the o-ring though. I can deal with the swivel neck and limited waist movement but the lack of a back screw means these guys are just waiting to fall apart.

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