Return of the Night Stalkers


Lately, I’ve been reflecting on where the blog has been, and where it’s going. I won’t lie; at times this project gets hard to keep up and keep fresh. I have ideas about changing things up here and there to maintain my interest, and also trying to find the time to implement them. It seems the longer I go with JAD, the harder it gets. But enough of my bellyachin’…

I’ve also been looking back at old posts, considering I’ll be hitting number 1,000 soon. Tonight, I was struck by the Night Stalkers Commander, which I still find to be one of the coolest concepts from the days of o-ring con sets. But don’t take my word for it, check out my post from way back when, right here. Wait—then I guess you should take my word for it.


  • Makes me wonder where the head and torso mold was originally intended….

  • I get the feeling she may be a devotee of Baroness

  • Love the bare back corset thing she’s got going there. I’d love a shot at this chick. It would be cool to army build her as the Baroness’ personal guard. Kinda like the female Cobra troopers that showed up in the Sunbow episode “Spell of the Siren.” That’s always been one of my top favorites eps ever.

  • @Clutch Wish we could get a few more female characters in the current lines. One of the great things about the ARAH toy line was its diversity. I mean, look at all the female g.i.joe characters as opposed to the non entity that was Arcee.

    Spell of the siren is an interesting choice for a favorite episodes. The only thing that really bugged me about that one was that the museum gaurds were discharging fire arms infront of exhibits. Speaking as someone who used to work in a museum, thats a pretty dangerous.

  • @Skymate The good thing about Sunbow firearms is that those lasers never killed anybody. Just like every parachute tended to open right after each aircraft blew up.

    “Spell of the Siren” has some truly hilarious moments. You have all these female Joes and Cobras suddenly showing up because most of the men were mesmerized (and ’cause the script called for it!) Meanwhile, the Twins once again prove that their loyalty to each other is greater than their association with Cobra or enmity towards the Joes.

    But the funniest part is when the Baroness tells Destro that she still distrusts Cobra Commander even as he’s being shown all zonked out in his dungeon cell. It got me thinking whether or not he was pretending as well. (He wasn’t, but as the Baroness noted, CC is too crazy to be underestimated.)

  • @Clutch
    I forgot about the sunbow rifles being glorified flash lights. But still, lux can damage items beyond repair. I’ve seen old photos decay due to overexposure to light which reminds me of what happened in the U.S after the civil war when thousands glass photo plates were used to make glass houses from as nobody wanted them anymore…listen to me, i sound like Henry Jones!

    Anyway, my top five episodes [in ascending order] are Once upon a Joe, In the presence of mine enemies, Computer complications, sink the Montana and Not a ghost of a chance.

    The reason Once upon a joe is on the list is because its silly. Buzz Dixon clearly was tired of writing action/adventure episodes so he purposly wrote something silly. I like the part when the children pick faults with the huge, gaping holes in Shipwrecks moronic story. And when you look into it deeper, Shipwreck clearly spends a lot of time with Scarlet, Cover girl and Lady Jaye on his mind. Wonder what Flint, Snake eyes and or Duke would have to say about that?

  • It’s tough to maintain a project like this with no gaps. At some point, you just run out of things to say and figures you actually like to review. 1000 posts is a huge number and something to be proud of. I can barely maintain a once per week pace. Once per day would kill me.

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