Red Spot TCG Card

Are trading card games still a thing? I can’t be bothered to check. Regardless, I never got into them, although I have admired them from afar. I’ve mainly been drawn to the art on most games, and in the case of the first Yu-Gi-Oh! cartoon–ridiculous voice acting.

I’ve always found Red Spot to be an interesting figure for its time. I know the laser trooper been done better as Flash and Sci-Fi, but I thought the new concept was at least interesting in the modern era. The figure left a lot to be desired, but when I saw this card’s art, I thought it encapsulated what I liked about the design. Unfortunately, he’s still without a laser gun in this art. Oops. At least now I can add another item to my Red Spot focus.

Red Spot TCG


  • Didn’t the figure have a really, really tiny head. Didn’t know this TCG even existed.

    • It’s a fun game. There’s not a lot of complexity, and it makes for a fun thing with other G.I.Joe fans that opens up discussion while playing.

      I am still short some of the rare cards in my attempt to just get a complete single card collection. My “playing decks” are made up of what was left after buying booster packs and sets, minus getting rid of the more excessive common cards.

      So, no “super decks,” here. I was defeated by an 8 year old at a convention.

  • ‘Trading cards for G.I.Joe came out during the late 1980’s/early 90’s.1991 Impel brand Trading cards for G.I.Joe, collection of 200 numbered trading cards,would have many of the well known joes/cobras, plus the vehicles included.”

  • Red Spot kinda looks like a paintball warrior with that helmet. He’s an interesting character, and neat card.

  • I’m trying to collect them all (no Pokémon Go pun intended). There were several Trading Cards released, but only the 2005 Wizards of the Coast set was a real game.

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