Razor Trooper (2004)

No, it’s not the code name for the Cobra barber. Instead it’s a trooper based upon another named Cobra agent. Razorclaw was an individual released during Valor vs. Venom, and as such, had been genetically modified by Dr. Mindbender.

Surprisingly, the man was given his own cadre of troops to lead, all of whom shared a similar uniform and weaponry. Quite an honor, considering this hadn’t happened before. Although guys like Destro and Zartan had their own troops and underlings, neither had thier own uniformed doppelgangers to command.

Like many Valor vs. Venom figures, there’s a real comic book style to the uniform design. While on the subject of comics, one can’t help but make comparisons to the similarity of his arm claws to a certain best there is at what he does Canadian mutant. They’re not an exact match, but the function is the same, as are the feral tendencies of the character.

As new sculpt era figures go, especially Cobra troopers, this one has always impressed me. Sure, there are the usual problems common to the time, but overall liked the venomized troops concept, and thought the designers of the day did their best to bring something new to GI Joe .


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