Python Viper (1989)

Is the ’86 Viper mold so popular that collectors will buy it in any flavor? Maybe so, unless the lower half has been replaced with BAT legs. Even then, the right color combo could cause a stir. Just look at the 2002 Crimson Strike Team Viper.

The first ever repaint of the Viper is, at the very least, interesting. The lover of oddness in me is fascinated with the color combo. The pattern applied across the top of the figure has always bugged me, as the pattern is very flatly applied across the sculpt. I suppose that was just a limitation of the time. The pattern reminds me of a cheat in animation, in which a character wearing plaid or other patterned clothing is moving, yet the pattern in their clothes doesn’t move.

The inconsistent coloring of the Python Patrol also bothered me, and I haven’t had a huge interest in army building them. I know all the figures couldn’t look the same, but could they have come up with a scheme that allowed each one to have all the color elements in their uniforms? They’re kind of a haphazard looking group.

Given my choice of the Python uniforms, I would however choose this one as my favorite. I don’t think that’s due to the famous mold as much as it is to the figure sticking to a single base color more than most of his comrades. He’s definitely not as stomach churning as the Python Crimson Guard.


  • I had a couple of the Python Patrol guys and this one was about the only one that got regular usage after the initial “new figure syndrome” wore off. The mold is solid and the colors are a lot better than most of the Python Patrollers (I’m especially thinking of my brother’s PP Copperhead).

  • If only they kept the waist and leg molds of the Viper, post-’93 Dr. Mindbender….

  • The yellow bugs me on most of the PP figures, but this one is alright. I would’ve put the grey-on-grey pattern on the arms & legs and left the vest plain, though. And I wonder why none of the PP guys got Cobra sigils?

  • Python Patrol rules

  • I used to really like this figure. But, as time has passed, the Python Patrol Officer has surpassed it. I think there is just too much yellow on this guy and the red mask hasn’t withstood the test of time. It’s still an OK figure and I’d hold it among the top 5 Viper repaints (BAT legs or not). But, for the money, I’ll take more Python Officers over Vipers for my army.

  • Dreadnok: Spirit

    As a fan of the Python Patrol, I like this figure. It’s a classic mold with a great color scheme/camo and I wish I had this one when I was a kid.

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