Python Patrol STUN (1989)

The STUN was an odd-looking vehicle, but the colors made it seem more streamlined. I wasn’t a fan of it as a kid, even though it was heavily used in the Sunbow animated series. It was meant as a fast-attack vehicle, and I can see that, but I always thought it looked more like something to be driven in a weird cross-country rally than an attack vehicle. I’ll refrain from stating the obvious about the unprotected state of everyone riding in this thing, but the open cockpit design did lend itself very well to dialogue scenes in the cartoon.

The Python Patrol paint scheme is an interesting and very detailed deco, and I prefer the prominent dark red of the vehicles to the figures’colors. Though the STUN is still more on the colorful side, with bright yellow highlights, the intricacy of the pattern and the melded colors are some of the most impressive on any GI Joe vehicle. The added eyes at the front of the cockpit bring out the snakehead-like shape of the vehicle. I honestly hadn’t noticed that on the original.

Overall, it’s wild, bright and funky. Of the three Python Patrol vehicles, this one has the most yellow, but I don’t mind a little flash in my Cobra forces. Though the original is still a classic, I find this one a worthy variant. It’s too bad a Pythonized Motor Viper wasn’t included, but the collectors club took care of that in 2011.




  • i loved Python Patrol as a kid. and this version of the STUN was easily one of my favorite vehicles that i owned growing up.

  • I just recently unearthed my Python Patrol STUN. I remember it saw a lot of use back in the day (and is clearly evidenced by the fact that both flags have long since broken off). It was a fun little Cobra attack craft, and I really loved the splitting front for some reason. Though I do remember once I got my Slaughter’s Marauders Low-Light back in the day, since I think he was the first dedicated sniper I had, the main vehicle commander always got picked off pretty fast, leading so some spectacular crashes…which as I think about it is probably what claimed the flags. It was a fun vehicle, and really, in my opinion that’s all a good Joe vehicle needs. It’s fun and you can carry a few figures on it without having to have them stand on places where it would be really hard for a person to stay on in real life, always one of my pet peeves with Joe vehicles as a kid.

  • At least this got featured heavily in the Operation: Dragonfire miniseries.

  • I never owned this version. I second the notion that the snake head resemblance was lost on the original. Once they added the scale like paint and the eyes on this version, it made the snake head resemblance much more obvious.

  • The STUN basically replaced the original HISS tanks in the Sunbow cartoon. I think Hawk even mentions this during his first appearance when the Joes are attacked by Cobra forces at their HQ.

    I liked the original version better since it was clad in basic Cobra black and red. The flags were kinda pointless and broke easily but the vehicle itself straddled that fine line between realism and fantasy.

    Although I never owned any Python Patrol stuff, I gotta admit that the snake skin camo (which I only noticed just now, thinking it was just an average anti-radar pattern) turns the STUN into a creepier sort of ride. The addition of eyes at the sides of each cockpit makes it look like a serpent’s head when closed. The only drawbacks are the yellow parts which easily offset the Python STUN’s otherwise menacing stance. Also, I would have swapped the flags with smaller side guns such as those found on the HAVOC.

  • Pythonised Motor-Viiper, I missed that…

  • @Clutch. In the fisrt part of Arise Serpentor, Hawk says what i was thinking when i first saw the vehicle “Why are they using S.T.U.N’s’. They arent as well armed as the Hiss?”

    I wonder if the stuns split turret is meant to resemble that of a two headed snake [insert Quickstrike joke] as it seems quit common for deformed snakes to be born with two heads. Well atleast thats what it says in my old snake visual encyclopedia

  • So the STUN originally came out in 1986. As I see it, in the toy aisle, the HAVOC was the toy vehicle adversary.

    Now, the HAVOC featured the little hovercraft that came out of the back, as well as having rear-ward facing armaments, right?

    Now, the STUN also has rearward facing armament.

    I have a theory that the STUN was originally designed as Serpentors ground chariot, and Serpentors Air Chariot was something that was originally going to be able to “dock” on the STUN.

    However, I think some design changes took place, the docking port was decided against, and a regular centered drivers seat was put in with engine cover details to either side added.

  • Dreadnok: Spirit

    I never had either, but I always liked both versions of the Cobra Stun. And though I really like the Python Patrol, I’d say I prefer the original due to the original’s color scheme.

  • I never loved Python Patrol.

  • I’m a fanboy of all that is the 1989 Python Patrol and it’s 25th/2010 Convention counterparts. As a devoted follower and supporter of the pythonization process, it’s a thrill every time this subteam gets a showcase on Joe A Day. Thanks Rob.

  • Yeah, I loved Python Patrol as a kid too.

    The STUN was one of the goofier vehicles not found in 1986. Open cab, three-wheeler, little racing flags… you’re right, it’s like some rally race. Not quite as goofy as the LCV Recon Sled.

  • I liked the Stuns at the time, but years later they are too breakable to be fun. The red/yellow parts, even the hubcaps are fragile, worse with age. The chassis, too, front under carriage can crack.

    It’s a nice vehicle for showcasing figures, which is part of the reason why so many ground vehicles had open cockpits and clear canopy.

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