Paris Pursuit Storm Shadow (2009)

Storm Shadow (2009)It’s good that someone got Stormy out of his ninja pajamas. Don’t get me wrong, I love the classic 1984 figure and the traditional 80s ninja in media, but variety adds spice. Not to mention, film often dictates a change in design that is less fanciful. A well-designed costume can even become a character unto itself. This tailored outfit is quite the badass getup, and underscores the lethal abilities of the character.

The actor likeness is amazing, and one of the best in the Rise of Cobra lineup. I prefer the unmasked version, as it has more personality. Some of that feeling I’m sure is due to Byun Hun Lee’s portayal in the film, but the figure itself just looks more interesting to me.

Storm Shadow was certainly the most stylish character in the Rise of Cobra, and I think that’s another big reason why he resonated more with me than any other Joes or Cobras in the film. He’s quite coordinated, especially in the weapons department. His swords and sai incorporate a kind of stylized future tech meets old world design. The pistol is a wicked looking piece of hardware. Do any other Cobras get this sort of chrome and white handgun? It’s very Apple. Finally, there are the sneakers–I love the sneakers. No other GI Joe figure’s footwear has impressed me this much since Tracker’s atomic kicks back in 1991.

It wouldn’t be a movie-related toy without a big ole missile launcher, and Storm Shadow does not disappoint. As much as we collectors like to bag on such action feature laden items, this one really isn’t too terribly bad, aside from the ginormous missile. Okay, it is–just wanted to make sure you were paying attention.

Storm Shadow (2009)

Storm Shadow (2009)


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