Outlaw (2017 Red Lasers Army)

The hits keep coming with the Red Lasers Army custom figures. Last year’s mix of army builders and named characters piqued my interest as soon as I saw them. The early ARAH era parts speak to me in a way that takes me right back to 1983. There’s something about the slimmer, less detailed builds of the early Joes that hits the right nostalgia spot. First available at the SoCal Joe Show, the figure was intended for the wave released earlier in 2017.

I never would have thought of Torpedo’s head mold being used outside of the role of the team’s original SEAL, but I suppose since the L stands for Land, we can make it work. It’s only a toy after all, and it just looks really cool. The two-toned paint scheme on the head helps it to read less as Torpedo, and the mask decorated in this format reminds me of the Action Force SAS Attack Trooper. Don’t know if that was intentional, but the Z-Force Wheels character from Red Laser shared the same head.

I really like the simple yet unique color combination of his uniform, and yet again a new color scheme really brings new life to older molds. The overall subdued look of the figure reminds me of the modern Night Fox character, and a helmeted head swap could make for a nice vintage style version of him.

Weapons were provided by Marauder, Inc. and though the grips are thinner than most Hasbro handguns, one still needs to exercise caution when placing them in Outlaw’s hands. You don’t want your new figure doing an Eric Roberts impression: “They took my thumb, Charlie!”


  • I didn’t realize the weapons were Marauder. Cool to know. The fact that your close up of them shows rubbed off green paint tells you how tight they are in the fig’s hands. I had to use Chuckles’ pistol out of fear I’d snap his thumb with anything else.

    Next week, I’ve got ’84 Deep Six scheduled so we can coordinate our schedules. 😉

  • All this action force inspired stuff, surprised neither Dred Laser Or Baron Major or Black Leader or whatever their names are (I know what they are…LOL) haven’t remade the convention set RED SHADOWS or even maybe a better take on them, actually.

  • I would suggest they use Vinyl O-Rings and softer plastic for thumbs and crotches. Otherwise I think it’s an awesome idea to make new characters in the Classic style.

  • How are they getting molds? Old hasbro molds? Or creating new molds from old figures?

    • Matt, this is a suggestion that many have had. Using different plastics raises the costs of each figure, but it is something that Red Laser has looked into.

      Jason, these molds are brand new molds. All of the Hasbro are gone.

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