Night Viper (2014)

What’s more frustrating than finding an original Retaliation Night Viper on the pegs? How about getting the follow-up figure to hold its main weapon? I must have tried ten times to get his tiny trigger finger through the guard while maneuvering the hand to grip the stock. I eventually gave up and sort of balanced the weapon between the arm and torso. The things I do to pose these little guys…

The Night Viper is a beautiful looking figure, and quite photogenic. It takes many of the RAH version’s design cues and updates them effectively to the modern style. From a removable helmet to stowable gear, he’s a winner to look at. I also like the sleek build, it really suits the specialty. While the red color doesn’t match up to the vintage counterpart, it’s good to at least see the mold available again.

The playability just gets a little frustrating at times. Okay, really frustrating. I had a heckuva time getting this guy to hold the red rifle in either hand. Granted, the same issue did happen from time to time during the 80s and 90s. In fact, the design of the original Night Viper’s weapon was such that his old c-grip hands couldn’t hold it convincingly. Maybe in that sense, the figure is an homage.

Despite the weapon brandishing issue, I think it’s a very good looking figure, and a much needed Cobra specialty to add to the arsenal of the modern enemy forces. I can see now why the previous version was on a lot of fans’ want list. Heck, I still want one too.


  • Crimson division, anyone?

  • I managed to snag the Retaliation NV, and as soon as I could pre-order this guy i hammered the button. Still waiting on him, but he looks goregous.

    Night Viper’s one of my favourite Army Builders. I’ve allways thought that it mkes a great companion to the Alley Viper, both in terms of role and looks

  • I’m guessing he’s painted red so he can be told apart from the other Night Viper. Either that or he’s a big fan of Deadpool

  • Hate the red. Really defeats the purpose of Night fighting when the red is so bright he glows in the dark. It’s nice to see it available again, but if Low-Light can keep his original colors why not NV?

  • Agreed with Vaughn. They should have kept the original Retaliation figure’s colors intact like they did with Low-Light. That way, those who missed out on the carded green version had another shot at him.

    As it stands, you could see this guy as a special personal sniper for the Crimson Twins’ Siegies, or an elite one for the Alley Viper legions as Deadborder has noted. Either way, it’s still an awesome figure.

  • Still looking for these to hit in Toronto, but my decision to pick up will largely be based on how well it comes across in person. That red looks a bit too far towards “orange” for my taste.

  • This is a really cool figure! I don’t mind the bright red, it’s unusual, but it doesn’t bother me that it clashes with his specialty. I like my action figures to have some color, and I prefer this to another all-dark figure. I do understand the people who missed the Retaliation version wishing he was the same green as that one, though. You’ll never beat that classic color scheme.
    He’s not a perfect figure, though. Don’t like the webgear so I gave him the Retaliation Alley Viper’s instead.
    Ideally, they would re-tool a rifle and holster pegs like the original, too, as it was such a defining aspect of that figure to me as a kid.
    I cut away the section between the bottom of the handle and the stock on the red rifle so he can hold it better.
    Night Viper is one of my favorites since the original so I’m always glad to see more of him.

  • Yes, because red is normally the color I associate with night… (/sarcasm)

    Is it 1989 again? HEAT & Night Viper? Can the Frag Viper be far behind?

  • Still a nicely designed figure, the colors aren’t terrible. I would’ve preferred the red-on-black prototype version to this black-on-red. But he’s got a GREAT pack mate, so it’s a no-brainer.

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