Major Bludd (2000)

The 2000 Real American Hero Collector series were, for the most part, a drab lot in terms of paint schemes. That wasn’t a liability when it came to producing a nice homage to the original Bludd figure. Based on the Super Sonic Fighter figure, Major Bludd has been given the kind of repaint treatment that fans of 90s molds have long wanted. Eschewing brighter hues off blue and yellow for a toned down brown, he stands out among his Cobra cohorts, and it’s one of the few figures of the era that could stand up as a default toy version of one of the primary GI Joe characters. He retained his funky 90s rifle too, but hey, it’s black!



  • A little silver on the dogtags wouldn’t hurt…..

  • This is one of my two favourite Major Bludds, and I do love me some Major Bludd.

    Of course, I’d love for an actually modern Bludd. But then I’d also like a pink unicorn that farts rainbows, so…

  • I think this mold looks better in brown than it did in blue

  • Agreed. This version is more faithful to Bludd’s classic colors. The grenades still stand out like sore thumbs, (Bludd is either one gutsy merc or just plain loco) but at least the brown provides a more realistic contrast.

  • This was one of those no-brainer repaints that Hasbro got right. Thankfully, it’s a figure that’s cheap and easy to come by nowadays, too.

  • So common that it was sort of under appreciated. More people were trying to find ways to customize extras into troopers. Hasbro decided that after this, his odd gun was some sort of underwater weapon.

    I don’t mind that they made the blue version back in the 90’s. Not sure why people get hung up on characters having one set color scheme. Funny how Funskool made a V1 Bludd in blue and yellow.

  • The sonic rifles have been sent away here, but this Major is my favorite Major hands down. A rather huge enemy figure in my world, and this is the figure that best represents for me.

  • Damn, that’s a lot of grenades to wear on your everyday walkin’-around uniform. I bet nobody likes to sit at Major Bludd’s table in the Terrordrome mess hall.

    I actually got this figure loose from eBay back around 2003, only because I had never had a Major Bludd action figure, I couldn’t find an original 1983 version, and this one looked good enough. He didn’t come with his weird laser gun as in the picture, but I still had a blue version of the original’s rocket pistol from an old accessory pack I got when I was a kid, so I just gave him that. He’s on my shelf right now, and he still looks pretty good. (I also gave him an uzi, because, hey, the guy wrote a poem about uzis, so shouldn’t he have one? I was buying G.I. Joe two-packs around 2002-2004, so I have plenty of extra weapons to ago around.)

    I’m kinda kicking myself now for not buying this Major Bludd in the original two-pack, because lately I’ve realized that I really want that sweet Rock Viper (who’s really a Range Viper). Oh well, another one for the wish list.

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