Mainframe (2014 Kre-O)

The release of the Kre-O Terrordrome set was bittersweet. The set was probably the most highly anticipated, and also the most accurate to the original toy design. The Cobra launch base was finally the source of several demanded Kreons. I don’t know if I’d count Mainframe high among them personally, but he was a welcome addition thanks to his specialty, and the fact that he was a post-’85 Joe. I think the sets could have benefited from a continued diversification. But that was not to be, as by the time the Drome hit shelves, most of us knew the writing was on the wall for the Joe brick world.

Mainframe has, like his later release comrades, an interesting couple of accessory parts. The helmet is recognizable as a bit of Transformers kit, but that’s not to big of a deal. It stands in quite well I think. His extra sub-micro-build backpack is a cute nod to the original figure.






  • Dreadnok: Spirit

    All he’s missing is Zarana.

  • They made Zarana, pink mohawk and all. I suspect cartoon fans are more interested in Mainframe, but he’s a great Kreon. That last set was phenomenal, as were most of the minifigs. Hasbro went out on a high-note, which has me wondering if the plug suddenly got pulled, and the Kreo team didn’t know about it. Kids might’ve gone for this (& Transformers) if there had been a direct Kreo tie-in cartoon or Internet game. Think about how much more fun the GIJoe STRIKE mobile game would’ve been if the characters had been Kreo!

    • Dreadnok: Spirit

      I know they made Zarana. I just thought it’d be cool if she had been included in the entry in some way as a nod to the cartoon.

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