Jungle Viper (2005)

Remember when the yearly club exclusive figure was something you didn’t really give two Flints about? Consider this final club year’s offerings of Mike Power and Pythona against the first Jungle Viper. How far we’ve come.

Jungle Viper (2005)

To tell the truth, I liked the Jungle Viper figure. Your mileage may vary, of course, but I also appreciate the new sculpt era for its original Cobra troop types. All of the weirdo venomized troops of Valor vs. Venom, as well as new interpretations of Cobra mainstays like the plain-Jane Viper and Alley Viper held my interest. They all suffered from proportion problems, but I generally liked the effort put forth in terms of trying something a bit different.

Razor Trooper, Sand Scorpion and Coil Crusher all donated parts to make up this new verdant hued trooper. The Club liked this figure so much, they repainted it as the year’s convention parachute drop exclusive. Remember when you didn’t give two Fireflys about the Con para-drop characters?

The accessory complement is a bit of a bore, considering the wealth of new weapons that were available by this time. What’s the use of a grappling hook in the jungle? Maybe he throws it in the trees and climbs to higher ground for ambush. Sticking this guy with a Spearhead rifle also seems odd. Maybe the design team liked the bayonet as a piece of jungle clearing gear. Speaking of which, the figure also came equipped with a sword, I assume to be used for just such a purpose.

Jungle Viper (2005) Jungle Viper (2005)


  • I see today’s prices for Estrela Joes and Mail Aways that were super common and cheap in the 2000’s. Then I think of the money and time I wasted tracking down the new sculpt figures when they were at retail. It makes me so sad, I stop thinking about it and, instead, focus on the 40 some odd bootleg Cobra Troopers that I got in return for trading away my entire new sculpt collection. Small solace, but it’s better than nothing.

  • This figure had a grappling hook???

  • Dreadnok: Spirit

    Because of the NES G.I. Joe game, I always picture Range Vipers in the jungle.

  • I love this site. Perfect for my morning poop. Or as I call it, growing a cobra tail! Cobraaaaaa(grunt)Kerplunk.

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