Joe Colton (2013)

Way back when I started this blog, I covered a figure actually code named GI Joe. I’m sure every kid at some point asked the question, “Which one is GI Joe?” It’s a logical  question to ask, since that’s the name on every package. Of course, the generation prior to the Real American Hero era understood that GI Joe was a term used for an everyman soldier or (later) adventurer.

Larry Hama eventually addressed the question in the Marvel comic as well, revealing the old GI Joe as the precursor to the modern team concept. As a result, there really was an original GI Joe, named Joe Colton. He popped up in action figure form at the end of the Real American Hero era, and during the new sculpt 2000s series as well.

Now he’s in the GI Joe movie sequel, which is a very cool nod to the history of both the comic book series and the 80s toy line. We don’t yet know how much of a role he plays in the film, but the mere presence of the character bumps the film up quite a few notches for me.

The figure bears a very good likeness of Bruce Willis, though the figures I’ve seen in photos and in person have a bit of a goofy eye problem. Poor Joe looks cross-eyed. Other than that, the figure is very well done. Some have complained about the use of PoC Recondo as a base, but I’m not bothered by it. At least they managed to address the original figure’s weird neck. Unlike Recondo, Joe Colton can lift his head and isn’t stuck staring at his shoes.

While I’ve been generally impressed with the Retaliation figures’ action features, especially the zip-lines, the firing cannon included with Joe is quite hilariously large. This thing puts every Battle Corps missile launcher to shame. It’s not without a cool element, however, as the rip-cord powered rapid fire feature is admittedly pretty fun. You just have to police up the four missiles afterward.


  • Glad they reworked the Recondo torso–I wonder if there are any customizers who will try and fix the POC Recondo with this….
    Other than that, his arms are from the yet-to-be released Kwinn, the legs are from the POC Jungle Duke, and the harness is from ROC Hawk.
    Bet a lot of fans are excited to have the closest thing to a John McClane figure.

  • That missile launcher is ridiculous.

    I’m viewing this more as G.I. Joe starring Bruce Willis rather than G.I. Joe featuring Joe Colton, so I hope Hasbro doesn’t blow it with the head sculpt. That guy is not only cross-eyed but a pinhead to boot. More of a contemporary Willis rather than the John McClane we first met in 1988, which is probably a good thing for his fans. Being aged and bald makes him appear more iconic.

  • Maybe the launcher is meant to fire cars. You know, for when he runs out of bullets

  • I agree the launcher is over the top, but I think it has some cool custom potential. Maybe for Salvo? I’m not that creative to execute it, but I think there is something there for someone with talent.

  • Jeremy Troublemagnet

    I thought Joe Colton had a beard. And where’s G.I.Jane? Bruce Willis gets on my nerves, just like all other Hollywood actors. I’m not much of a fan of the movie medium.

  • The real problem here are the eyes!

  • Yeah, I’ve heard the eyes are pretty marginal. I just hope if I find one where I’m at, I’ll have options on it to find the least-bad set. Otherwise, it’s gonna bother me. It’s amazing how much the eye paint application can really screw up a figure. I remember passing on every Blackout I saw back during the JvC era because everyone I ever saw looked cross-eyed.

  • I guess i cant complain about him as the movie figures are not being released down here. Hasbro nearly killed Transformers over here with yellow cancer and they have destroyed Star wars with those rehashed lame ass A.O.T.C figures now look at what they are doing to Iron man. Sad from both a collectors perspective and kids perspective

  • He just looks…really strange. If he is going to have a white t-shirt torso & arms why not use ROC Hawk instead of muscles-and-suspenders here. This body choice is nowhere near the actor’s real physique and at the same time doesn’t look “heroic”.
    And yeah, being cross-eyed doesn’t help.
    The whole fig is just too weird.

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