Ice Viper (2014)

Ice Viper (2014)Man, was my first impression of this figure ever wrong. I initially covered it quickly as part of a video review of the Battle Below Zero pack, and didn’t really put much thought into it at the time. I really regret that, as upon closer inspection, it’s a pretty amazing figure. For a modern driver figure, the details are very impressive. Maybe this was one character that had been worked up (as other 50th anniversary offerings) and Hasbro just pulled it out of the old concept case. Whatever its origins, the Ice Viper has quickly become one of my favorite modern interpretations of a classic figure.

Though much of the Ice Viper is a kitbash, the part choices are first rate. The helmet, goggles, gloves and furry bandolier are a close resemblance to the 1987 original, and new components like the belt (complete with icicle design!) bring in just the right amount of extra detail. Many times since the 25th anniversary series began, we’ve been treated to figures that almost had enough attention paid to the little nitpicky notions over which we toy geeks obsess, but this one does not disappoint.

The kicker for me are the sais. I’ve always wondered just what the heck they’re all about. Was the Ice Viper yet another addition to the GI Joe mythos’ pile o’ ninjas? Maybe not, and the weapon does double duty as an ice pick when the WOLF gets stranded out in the freezing elements.I don’t know;  I’m just glad that enough forethought was given to include holsters on his thighs again.



Ice Viper (2014) Ice Viper (2014) Ice Viper (2014)


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