Hit & Run (2015)

Its time to get back to coverage of 2015’s exclusive sets, and over the next few days we’ll be looking at the Toys R Us multi-packs. Up first is the Vanishing Act set featuring Hit & Run, Torpedo and Zartan. This isn’t the only version of Hit & Run to be released this year, as the Collectors’ Club has its own version based on the classic green deco. I suppose that partially explains why this one is done up in urban camo. There’s apparently also an evolving story among some of the 2015 Joes involving a new subteam called Wolf squad (thanks to reader Acer for reminding me of that) of which H & R is a member. He’s even got a tiny squad patch on his uniform. On to the figure…

Ye-gads, what happened here? Staring us in the face is a figure whose skin is an unearthly pallor. Okay, I realize the exposed skin areas are meant to represent some sort of camouflage paint, but I still can’t get over how odd he looks.

The original Hit & Run figure from the 80s had its skin done up in a camo color, so it only makes sense that this new iteration would follow suit. The only problem here is–well–the color. Maybe it should have been green like the original, but that may not have worked considering the figure is outfitted in grey. As it stands, we’ve got a Joe who looks like he’s been turned to stone.

The rest of the toy is pretty effective, featuring the upgraded modern articulation that become fairly standard in the line. He just seems more like a specialized version of the character more suited to a particular mission. As such, you may not find him too useful beyond an urban operation. I can’t really say much more than Hit & Run turned out really odd. Not awful, not great, just odd. I almost want to say that it should be some other character. He just as easily could have been called Airborne or Footloose. For once, I’m kind of at a loss to say much more. Maybe I can revisit him sometime down the road and get a different feel for the figure.

Hit & Run (2015)

Hit & Run (2015)


  • I think this is supposed to have him as part of the ‘Wolf Squad’ that’s been batted about lately.

  • A poorly executed example of urban cammo

  • That mug, those eyes, that deathly pallor. He’s definitely another zombie.

  • This skin color erases the tragic pixelated beard from the FSS figure.

  • I don’t think of “painted face & forearms” as a defining characteristic of Hit & Run. If they’d just left them flesh colored, I think this would’ve been a great figure. Maybe grabbed up as an army builder for customs. I applaud Hasbro for thinking outside the box by coloring him grey when green would’ve fit the 3-pack “story” better; it was very creative, and the other 2 figures didn’t get that same treatment.

  • If they left out the red, this guy would be perfect for a statue. He could be marble, limestone, etc. Don’t know what you’d do with a figure like that. But, I don’t really know what you’d do with a figure like this, either. Those long eyebrows and the lightning bolts on his face make him look like a villain from a really cheesy ’90’s horror or science fiction movie.

  • I like his grey paint. I.M.O., he’s perfect for urban/night warfare. I’d put him in team with Night Force Chuckles, Snake Eyes and Marauder Lowlight!

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