Gung Ho (2015)

Well, it was worth the wait. Modern Joe collectors have been waiting (patiently?) for an upgraded Gung Ho for quite a few years. When the concept case version surfaced at JoeCon few years back, many were wondering just how and when Hasbro would get the figure to us. During last year’s 50th Anniversary Toys R Us line, we saw other previous concept molds make it to retail, and that fueled the desire even more. Looking back at the 25th Anniversary version in light of the more recent offerings could turn that burning desire into a wildfire. Yeah, it’s not aged well. Heck, it wasn’t too great when it was first released. But enough about the old GH. Now that I’ve got this one in hand, it’s become my favorite of this year’s releases. I’m not just saying that because I had to wait a while to get it. After all, I’ve been burned with disappointment over highly anticipated GI Joe and Star Wars figures in the past.

Gung Ho (2015)

Sometimes figures just don’t work as well as you expect in terms of poseability and construction. Even with the modern GI Joe figure style and its many points of articulation, hands and feet just can’t reach the right kind of angles to convincingly hold weapons, or stand in a particular position. Many of the modern figures’ hands are just too soft, and rifle handles will slip out of their grasp. Thankfully, my Gung Ho example seems to have slightly less flexible hands, and he can hold his gear pretty well. Even the usually troublesome two-handed minigun grip works out.

Some folks have voiced displeasure over the color of his uniform, but I don’t mind it. I think it’s a part of his classic character at this point, and I easily associate it with him through his original figure. Maybe down the road we’ll get an OD green repaint. You know that Hasbro likes to get mileage out of a good mold–just look at Renegades Storm Shadow. I usually don’t gush about toys here, but Gung Ho is a pleasure, particularly in a time when GI Joe offerings are few and far between. Very nice.

Gung Ho (2015)

Gung Ho (2015)

Gung Ho (2015)


  • I may be out on a bit of a limb here, but he is one of the best Joe figures ever made. IMO

  • Great looking figure and the face looks so much like Magnum TA.

  • It’s a nice looking figure. It’s definitely Gung Ho: there’s no mistaking that. The mini gun is overkill. But, too many accessories are never a bad thing. (Unless they’re neon.)

  • It’s pretty amazing this figure was made; Gung Ho isn’t so much a first tier GIJoe character these days. They really put some effort into the figure, and it shows. They had to go vintage accurate the first time, but a repaint in almost any color is a no-brainer.

  • I wish they’d toned down the blue a bit

  • Why does everyone gripe about the cyan color? That is both his cartoon and comic book look! Not every figure has to be olive drab or black to be “manly enough” as a kid’s toy. And make no mistake, we were all kids when these were designed for us. Sheesh. Overcompensate much?

  • I think he’s a great nod to the original figure. Very well done, but just too much blue for me. I wound up switching out the head onto an extra Ret Battle Kata Roadblock body. Much more modern. I’m hoping Hasbro does repaint him in green tones.

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