Ghost Hawk (2014)

The Ghost Hawk (yeah, I have a hard time calling it that) was originally one of the upgraded classic vehicle designs of the 25th anniversary series. I was impressed by the improvements made in the detail and fit/finish of it.

The mold has become something of a workhorse since then, appearing in modified form for the Pursuit of Cobra line as well as a convention exclusive. I’m glad Hasbro went back to the classic format with this 50th anniversary offering.

I’m a sucker for environment-based figures and an even bigger fan of vehicles repainted for different locales. I’d probably buy every VAMP and HISS mold over again if it were don’t up in arctic, desert and night versions. Actually I’ve done that already in some cases.

The color scheme here is very pleasing, with large swaths of grey camp over a white base. The blue canopy glass, while not technically accurate to the real world, is nonetheless very striking and works in a purely toyetic sense. It’s like the glass is made of ice! I love it.


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