Ferret (1988)

Leave it to Destro to finally give us an enemy trooper who wears sensible pants. I wouldn’t think that tank drivers would normally wear khakis, but then again their boss is known for odd fashion choices.

The Ferret sports one of the most incredible helmets in all the line. Looking like a cross between a Roman and Cylon Centurion, it is one of my favorite designs of all the Iron Grenadier forces. The closed helmet and chestplate beg the question of why they would be equipped as such. The helmet and chestplate are more similar to something a fighter pilot would wear. Then again, it may be a sophisticated communications and guidance system for the DEMON tanks they command. Whatever the case, such a distinctive and interesting looking helmeted figure is wasted being hidden away inside a vehicle cockpit.

All was not lost for the mold’s exposure however, as most of it reappeared repainted as the Black Dragon Trooper in the 2003 convention exclusive set.


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