Destro (2014)

Here he is. Probably the most anticipated figure in the 50th Anniversary offerings. First seen at JoeCon as part of Hasbro’s concept case display, a new Destro has been on many fans’ wish lists for a remake. How does he measure up against previous modern versions? First off, he’s pretty large. Like Leatherneck, he towers over figures from earlier in the modern construction style’s history. Not a big deal, as even the original Destro was taller than other figures.

The element I found most alluring about the figure was the attention given to the mask. Finally, there’s a modern Destro that gets the mask right. Older versions looked too smooth, like a human face sculpt that had simply been vac-metalized. This one gets really close to the original card art, with hard edged lines, and a dour expression. This figure’s visage really takes me back to those first few Marvel comic issues in which he appeared. In fact, the rest of the body, in terms of the sculpt, just looks “right.”

The only gripe comes in the fit of the hips and knees. The hips look a bit small to accommodate the ball joints. This makes for, at least in my example, some very loose legs right out of the package. I wonder if this is also due to the plastic quality, as the knees also seem thin and flimsy. Very odd.

Destro didn’t get shorted on accessories, and for the first time, the modular gun from the 1983 figure’s backpack is brought to full life. The pieces all fit well within the briefcase, and a few even plug in to stay in place. When fully built, the rifle is impressive, and the figure can actually wield it pretty well. An excellent little extra touch for an “Ultimate” version of Destro.


  • wow. Now that case is a nice touch. I wonder if he stole it from Bullhorn?

  • How can he have ‘stolen’ it from Bullhorn. He run’s M.A.R.S. they make Armaments….probably made the gun Bullhorn carries via a sub-contractor company he owns…

    I want to know what the hell that long rectangular thing is you put in the top left compartment of the attache case? Is it a strip of bullets in a holder? Or is it Semtex? Its a great figure, very glad I bought one. He reminds me of how Destro was rendered in issues 1 and 2 of the UK Marvel ACTION FORCE weekly comic…

  • @Stan fernando
    I was just making a dumb joke about how the original Destro had to make do with a case that only included a sculted-in rifle and how Bullhorn came with a rifle that actually fitted in his case.

  • Yeah I know. Have you got this figure? The rectangular ‘things’ the mystery item that puzzles me. I had the UK version of Bullhorn. He had the amended card art and firing missile launcher instead of the other rifle the figure originally came with….I reckon he’d make a great new sculpt update. They could still re-use the original case with collapsible rifle too, just re-mould the pack to have the newer, smaller peg…

  • Great figure, but too tall!

  • The collar is comically overdone, but I’m glad Hasbro released this figure. Looks great with the Ultimate Cobra Commander.

  • I agree. They look great stood together, arguing over something, or CC ranting and raving whilst Destro impassively looks on thinking things out more clearly….

  • those wrist rockets are comically WAY too big.

  • A fitting end to the ARAH line as we presently know it.

    Despite those minor size proportion issues, all I gotta say is… WOW! Going by the pics alone this guy was truly worth the wait! This is one of those times when I really wish the line would be moving forward in some manner beyond the TRUs exclusives. A carded release of this version could greatly benefit fans who don’t have a clear shot at the TRUs three-packs.

    This really is the Ultimate Destro. His face mask is spot on identical to the original 1983 card art. He’s wearing the large collar as he’s done in most media. The briefcase and modular gun are excellent updates of his vintage accessories. All he is missing is a shiny coat of vac-metalized chrome paint on his mask to match the vintage figure. All the more reason to release a carded version sometime in the (hopefully) near future.

    2014 Destro is easily my favorite figure in the 50th Anniversary line and one of the greatest from the modern era in its entirety

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