Destro (2009)

Destro has always been a clothes horse and a man unafraid to outfit himself in outlandish outerwear. From his original 1980s look to the gold masked swashbuckler during his Iron Grenadier days to the infamous leopard print number, Destro stands out from the crowd.

If I didn’t know better, I would think this figure started life in the Indiana Jones line as a German officer, what with the high collar, boots and jodhpurs. Of course, the Rise of Cobra design of the character bore no resemblance to either this toy or the common depiction of the arms dealer. I wouldn’t have expected a film to outfit the character in an open chested, high-collared jacket, but I also thought they’d get him into something a little more interesting than a pinstripe suit. As it stands, this is a decent take in Destro, and one that can be used outside of the movie universe.

It’s not often that a Nice Pants figure incorporates both an interesting trouser style along with a toy feature, but that’s what this Destro does. The result isn’t entirely successful, but I can appreciate the attempt. I’ve said before that I find built-in accessory storage to be a valuable play feature, whether holsters, scabbards or backpack portage options.

What we’ve got here are simple holes in the sides of his thighs, into which each of his accompanying weapon elements can be plugged. Nice idea, but there’s nothing in the sculpt to suggest that the items are secured, like a holster, mounting point or even a strip of Velcro (or is it hook & loop?) Maybe MARS has perfected a new technology that allows their weapons to simply “stick” to the user’s clothing. Couple that with jodhpurs, and you’ve got some really nice pants.


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