Crimson Command Copter (2009)

It’s the last day of the last JoeCon, and I thought I’d go out with a bang by covering the greatest convention exclusive vehicle ever produced. Ha! Just kidding, but there is something positive to be said about this version of the Crimson Command Copter. Everybody who was collecting in the early 2000s remembers the first CCC, right? The one that came with the only new sculpt versions of Tomax and Xamot, or more appropriately, Scalpel and Leplacs.

This second CCC, released along with the 2009 re-do of the Crimson Strike Team, was a disappointment to many fans. Based on part of the Rhino APC, the thing felt like an afterthought, especially when compared to previous years’ con vehicles. The fold-up element of the wings doesn’t work without its partner, so the wings won’t stay stowed. However if you have the Rhino, you can still fit it inside, or make a custom Crimson Guard APC. On the positive side, the modular weapons are a nice inclusion, and the paint apps are very well done.

I’m surprised the club didn’t work this vehicle mold in as a MASK series Switchblade homage, somewhere along the line, considering the similarities to Miles Mayhem’s signature transforming copter/jet.


  • The convention vehicles really went downhill after a while. Though, it sucks that the only release of the Hiss II and Stun were convention releases. And, that we never got another non convention Warthog after early 2002.

  • No one seemed interested in making more MASK characters/vehicles in modern style. Hasbro did two versions of Matt Trakker over 10 years. (It’s odd how long 25th/modern has been going on). Seems unlikely we’ll see much more.

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